After Class - The Jam ep. 15

After Class - The Jam ep. 15

Hey Golden Hawks! Hope everyone is enjoying their week!

This week on The Jam, Dj Mola and I decided to keep the throwbacks coming with our favorite memorable Hip Hop tracks. We played everything from some The Notorious B.I.G. , to 2pac, some De La Sol, and even some Beastie Boys. We wanted to keep it strictly rap and hip hop, and Dj Mola created a 3 hour long playlist with a bunch of iconic songs and artists that you HAVE to listen to:

We kicked it right off with our weekly segment of Jam of the Week. This week Dj Mola and I decided to start our night with one of the most influential songs in Hip Hop culture, Rapper’s Delight by SugarHill Gang. We only played the super condensed version, but this 15 minute song rose to the top of the charts in 1978 during the end of the Disco era when Hip Hop was a “baby genre”. Since then, artists have evolved Hip Hop into a wide separation of sub-genres. Below you can find the full 15 minute version of Rapper’s Delight. I’ll also include some interesting facts about this song as well as The SugarHill Gang’s career below:

As for topics this week, Dj Mola and I talked about prominent 90s fashions that have made a 360 turn around and are now some of the most widely liked fashions in the 21st century. Fashions included neon wind breakers, ripped jeans, and the classic Air Jordans that have become a timeless staple in everyone’s dad’s closet I’m sure. Here’s the great article we read on

Towards the end of the show, we went on a debate about which type of rap, East Coast vs West Coast, we identify the most with. In the end I have to say that Dj Mola had some very valid and persuasive points. We agreed that each coast had two different styles of music artistry, and that each artist contributing their music to the coast was true to what they were rapping about, no matter the circumstance. While 2pac was rapping about that gangsta life, Biggie was rapping about coming home to his family. Two different aspects of life, but definitely both worth a listen.

This is my  last show before reading week, as i is going back to Bermuda next Wednesday, but make sure everyone tune in for the show next week, because Dj Mola definitely has something up her sleeve.


Rappers Delight x SugarHill Gang

Buddy x De La Soul ft. A Tribe Called Quest & the Jungle Brothers

Intergalactic x Bestie Boys

Jazz (We’ve Got) x A Tribe Called Quest

It Takes Two x Rob Base and Dj EZ Rock

Juicy x The Notorious B.I.G.

Changes x 2Pac

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