After Class - Hawk House (Ep.10)

After Class - Hawk House (Ep.10)

We’ve come to realize that in university there are many things that you may want to skip, from early morning lectures to long lineups at the campus Tim Hortons… but one thing you wouldn’t want to miss was this week’s show! While your two favourite DJ’S are still in recovery mode from the Laurier Plague, we still managed to pull through with more entertainment to get you ready for another month!!!


Horoscopes a Hoax?

DJ Nova and I realized that we’re both Aries, with our birthdays only being a day apart. Where I enjoy checking up to see what my horoscope says once in a while, I don’t believe that they define a person based on their birth. DJ Nova tried to convince me that horoscopes are legit… I just wasn’t buying it. Fortune cookies, fortune tellers and horoscopes may just be the biggest scams that have set face on the earth, the way I see it they are simple messages that can define anyone based on the generalization of any human’s personality. “More than likely there was at least one time in your life in which you felt like the ugly duckling – Taurus”… well DUH, we aren’t all born with the perfect jawline of Zayn Malik or the lips of Kylie Jenner! But hey, if you believe in this stuff, you enjoy it, and it works out for you then I can’t complain. All I know is that horoscopes and fortune cookies don’t work for me after the last time I checked and got “You lack inspiration and are critical of the things that others may enjoy in life”, I KNOW! IT’S ABSURD!!!


Breaking your Ex vs. The Gym

You’ve heard of breaking up with an ex but have you heard about breaking up with your gym?

*Fans of Friends*

For those of you that aren’t hardcore Friends fans, or claim to be but perhaps missed the episode (If this is you then I’m sorry, but are you even a true fan?), it turns out that breaking up with your gym isn’t as uncommon as one might think. After DJ Nova mentioned that her New Year’s resolution of going to the gym only started this month, this man’s resolution only just ended! Without having the heart to end his gym membership in person, check out the hilarious letter that one man sent his gym to cancel his membership:

Guy Pens Heartfelt And Hilarious ‘Break Up’ Letter To Gym That Won’t Accept Cancellation Over Phone

From this we wondered if breaking up through text is really that bad… and when I say “we” I mean myself! Fortunately, DJ Nova explained the unwritten rules about breaking up with someone, and the only time that it is acceptable for it to be through text. If someone When someone breaks up with me, I can’t say that I would rather it be in person and have to go through the awkwardness of having to react to that kind of news, just a heads up to my future exes!


Are All Skittles the Same Flavor?!?

We tested a new theory on the show… two in fact! A recent scientific study came out stating that all skittles are actually the same flavor and that our mind triggers our taste buds into defining a certain flavor based on how we associate the color of a candy with its flavor. We’ll let you try this one at home, but from our analysis these scientists may be onto something. We not only tried it out with skittles but also with Swedish Fish and the results were surprising, half the time we couldn’t even get the flavor right, even though they did taste different from each other.

Black History Month

February is more than the month of celebrating love, it is also Black History Month where we celebrate achievements throughout African-American history. We discussed some things that you can do to get involved, and as promised here is a link with more details!

Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

Here are just a few of the incredible leaders that have made a difference through history that has positively impacted our world and its perception on culture, equality and diversity today.

Events @ WLU

Located in the Senate and Board at the Waterloo Campus. Members from both campuses will be gathering here for this meeting.

The Annual General Meeting is a meeting of the WLU Student Publications membership to elect directors to the board as well as a new president and publisher.

A member is anyone who is verified as a student and pays membership fees (if you are a Laurier student who pays your student fees – you are a member!). Please bring your valid Laurier OneCard.

Reception will start at 6:30pm (30 minutes before the meeting is called to order) which will gave people time to eat, chat and relax.

The meeting consists of the approval of the following: The Auditor, Audited financial statements from the previous fiscal year and any by-law changes proposed to or made since the last Annual General Meeting.

This will be followed by a question period for all candidates. Once questions are complete we will go into voting and the board and president elect will be announced that evening.

There will be FOOD… and all your favorite DJ’s will be there so feel free to ask us for autographs and IG pics 😉




  • Love of mine – Felly
  • Feel it still – Portugal the man
  • Legend – G-Eazy
  • Ex (feat YG) – Ty Dolla $ign
  • Come Closer – WizKid ft. Drake
  • Stir Fry – Migos
  • Finesse – Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B


(Written by Rachna Singh & Shreyan Kantaria)

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