AfterClass:VendettaSound S2E3

Welcome back my friends, King here, and on this episode of VendettaSound,I went solo. Simon is missing in action, due to illness, get well soon bro. This weeks episode is brought to you E.M.G, i’ll tell you about them in a little bit. Without Simon present to converse with me, I had to make a choice to either interact solely with you guys, or get a stand in host. Lets just say, I made the right choice. As you know, the show is usually sports heavy, but this time I decided to make it more universal per say. This was a no sport episode, my stand in host Layi and I, instead raged on air about the Grammys, we talked a bit about the whole BKChat drama that happened over the weekend, but most importantly we dropped another fire playlist.


When Lil Uzi Vert, SZA and even Khalid where nominated for best new artist at this years Grammy, crazy enough the award went to Alessia Cara. Now I’m not blaming her for winning the award, i just find it absurd that Lil Uzi who went 5x platinum with XO Tour Llif3, and SZA who was the the most nominated female at the show, were beat by Alessia Cara, especially since her debut album came out in 2015. I Just don’t get it.


Those that know about this story are probably still laughing, because it truly is hilarious. So those unfamiliar with the discussion group #BKChatLDN on Youtube. Its basically a discussion group voicing opinions on young adult issues, i recommend you watch it sometime. Anyways, those that know the regulars on the show, know that Esther is always coming for Nunu,  but what happens when she decided to clap back? Watch above and laugh with me.



Student Union elections are upon us and we at VendettaSound urge you all to vote, information can be found on MyLearningSpace. Your vote counts and it can be the one that enforces change.


I’ve always alerted you guys about parties I think will be worth going for. February 2018 features F.U.N Tour, for all my friends in Toronto and Waterloo, there are two different days at two different locations for those that don’t want to travel. Tickets can be purchased at



Migos dropped Culture 2 last weekend and it has lived up to the hype for the most part. I honestly think all of you should give it a listen, if you surprisingly haven’t.

This week’s playlist is brought to you by East$ide, enjoy Mellow African Sounds, this is truly a masterpiece.



Hope you enjoyed our last episode and the blog. We are on every Monday 10-11PM and would love some feedback, tweet at us DJ Taurus (@dirtytaurus), DJ King (@kingsleym_) and After Class (@RLAfterClass) with the hashtag #vendettasound. Request tracks during the show, before the show, after the show tweet us whatever may cross your mind

Till next time, Ciao.

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