SpectruMusic Week 7 (Classic Indie 2)

SpectruMusic Week 7 (Classic Indie 2)

Looking back on it I either should have just done experimental metal or emo (Midwest emo) as my show theme instead of this but it was still a great selection.


You know what was not a great selection… the Grammies. Once again some awful choices for artists that don’t really deserve it and artists who do not even getting nominated. However most of the AOTY nominees are pretty good, but there’s still so many awful awards and such that the Grammies once again has invalidated themselves.

That was my little rant I had on air, not to the same extent as Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest but I’m still not a fan.


I’m also not a fan that Radiohead’s tour is only going  to South America for some reason and that they’re still probably never coming back to Toronto again.


But to stay positive, let’s get hype for some new brockhampton as saturation 3 was just announced!!!


Anyway here’s the setlist


Never Meant – American Football

Bluegrassish – Cap’n Jazz

In Cirlces – Sunny Day Real Estate

Isn’t It A Pity – Galaxie 500

Heavey metal drummer – Wilco

Headless Horseman – The Microphones

Never Squeal – Ween

Is It Luck? – Primus

Squeeze Me Macaroni – Mr.Bungle

produk 29[101] – Aphex Twin

Star Time 2 – Squarepusher

Kelly Watch The Stars – Air


Anyway I don’t have to much else to say, I’ve been listening to a ton of Mr.Bungle after I played them the other day so it’s time to get into his discography. Super weird but I absolutely love the funky vibe it has.

P.S. I will be running the Snapchat account tomorrow so be sure to check it out!


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