After Class - POWER HOUR SZN 8

After Class - POWER HOUR SZN 8

I guess it does get sweeter the 8th time around. Power Hour was back for its 8th installment. Tramo and I myself were excited to kick off everybody’s PRE.

Bar Hopping to The Mems 

Can Tramo and I outdo ourselves and surpass seven bars and hit all 12????

Whether it was calling each others moms in the middle of a club flex, or somehow making it through SEVEN bars with our dignity, Tramo and I had a great time at Bunny Hop. Just don’t ask us to take photos, we don’t like that. This great time has us full of anticipation and heightened expectations for our first attempt at 12 Barz. If you wanna see how Tramo and I blow off steam, you can catch us ar Toronto’s installment on December 2nd.


Car Alarms

Tramo and I do our best to make sure we have a full show…but we had to take time out to address a serious issue we had to endure the night before. Tramo and I are both reasonable people, we understand the need for car alarms. They’re the reason my heart jumps

Show a little RESPEC and turn those car alarms off when it’s unnecessary

out of my chest by surprise. They remind me that its okay to get annoyed from things out of my control. Tough, WE CAN’T handle a 12-hour car alarm on loop beside our apartment when we’re trying to sleep. We’re just asking for everyone to be a little more respectful.




Top 5ive Top 5ive Top 5ive

Tramo and I decided to invite Aubrey out once again as we discussed our top five favourite brands

Disagree with our selection? Drop a comment on your favourite brands!


  1.   Fred Perry
  2.   Polo
  3.   Nike
  4.   Adidas
  5.   Ted Baker




We didn’t Go Flex, it was a classic case of Deja Vu. Go ahead and enjoy this easter egg that only our viewers would understand.

Cry for Me Argentina

Heartbreak for a legend

With all the World Cup upsets taking place, Tramo and I agreed that as diehard soccer fans, we had to spend a little time on this. It was amazing that against all the odds, Argentina still managed to qualify. Unfortunately, perennial powerhouses including the likes of Italy, Chile, and The Netherlands weren’t as lucky. That means Alexis Sanchez and Arjen Robben won’t be in Russia come the summer. The most HEARTBREAKING fact is the Gigi Buffon has to retire without one final trip to the World Cup.


Laurier Event

Come enjoy the LIFT EXhibition Series: Unobstructed Beauty where Patrick Cruz has his art displayed at the Laurier Library

Song List

  1. Deja Vu – Post Malone ft. Justin Beiber
  2. Street Fight – Small Pools
  3. Forever – Drake ft.
  4. OG Heartthrob – Majid Jordan
  5. Mr. Brightside – The Killers (Two Freinds Remix)
  6. SEX – Cheat Codes x Kriss Kross Amsterdam
  7. Valhalla – RL Grime (ft. Djemba Djemba)
  8. Cheap Thrills – Sia ft. Sean Paul (Muffin Remix)
  9. Sandstrom – Darude
  10. That Part – ScHoolboy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar (Black Hippy Remix)

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