After Class - Power Hour SZN 7

After Class - Power Hour SZN 7

Back at it again with another episode of Power Hour. We hope that all our listeners had a dope week, we know midterms are still going on and all that, but hey, at least you got to tune into our show Thursday night to help you destress, and turn up.

Unlock the … what?

We can’t seem to agree on “Unlock the Swag” but we can agree that Rae Sremmurd are great artists

Now, usually, I don’t question DJRC’s choice in music. But one of his musical picks for this weeks show made me literally shake my head. Now I don’t normally talk crap about artists, and in all honesty, I like Rae Sremmurd. But their song, “Unlock the Swag,” really made me question their music. It literally just repeats the lyric, “Unlock, the swag, the swag, unlock” over and over. Now let me state, this is merely my humble opinion, and I was more than willing to hear RC out as to why he picked the song. His response was simple, “Man, its just a vibe song.” And the more I thought about it, the more I could picture myself listening to the song at the club. I guess the moral of this story is that all music has a time and place where it shines.

Top 5ive Top 5ive Top 5ive 

Copa, where we spent our New Years Eve

Myself and DJRC do not normally discuss personal events in our top five, but this week we were feeling a little nostalgic. This Top 5ive counts down our top five favorite moments as friends.

01. Montreal New Year’s Trip
Last year, myself, DJRC, and many other friends went to Montreal for New Years festivities. We had an extremely good time. We went clubbing, hung out downtown, and had some good meals. But by far the most fun was New Years night. We all vibed together, and despite some unlucky run-ins with the opposite sex, RC and I both had a phenomenal time with the boys.

02. Wasaga Beach
Another experience with the boys, we ended up at Wasaga beach for our graduation. Another great time, we ran a trap house close to the beach, where we threw massive parties and had tonnes of people over.

03. The Cora’s Scene
After HOCO in first year, we went to our normal post-party eatery; Cora’s. One of our friends, Big D, didn’t have such a good time on homecoming night, and when we cracked a joke about him, he flipped at the table, yelling at all of us. His catchphrase to this day is, “No, I will make a scene.” It’s not that this was that funny at the time, but looking back we laugh at his reaction.

04. St. Paddy’s 2k16
Another time with all the boys. We squaded up on Ezra, and it got real. We had a hella good time, despite one of the boys coming down with food poisoning. Can’t wait to do it again this year.

05. Veld
All of Veld was unreal, but it was the last 30 minutes that made it all worth it. Good music, good company, good memories. But it was at the end that RCsingle-handedlyy introduced us to a couple of girls that we hold dear to our hearts to this day.

We got this boys!


As you all know, Laurier will be taking on Western at the Yate’s Cup, again this year. We know that we can take them, but I’m sure all the players and staff would love to see you guys in London to cheer them on, so check it out. If you can’t make it to London, watch the game live on TV!


01. LOCO – NERVO x Danny Avilla (ft. Reverie)02. Her – Majid Jordan
03. A Different Way – DJ Snake x Lauv
04. Unlock the Swag – Rae Sremmurd 
05. I Fall Apart – Post Malone (YLMRN Remix)
06. Reminder – The Weeknd (ft. Young Thug & A$AP Rocky)
07. Festival of Lights – KSHMR & Maurice West
08. #ICantEven – Neighbours (ft. French Montana)
09. Marvin’s Room – Drake
10. Bizarre – Blasterjaxx (ft. Uhre)
11. Pump This Party – Alpharock

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