SpectruMusic Week 3 (Dreamy)

SpectruMusic Week 3 (Dreamy)

And I’m back again, this week we played all sorts of dream pop/shoegaze/chillwave. Lots of reverb, lots of calming basslines, lots of melodic voices, and just overall chill. I love this sort of stuff and was so excited to do this show (almost as excited as the show where I’ll finally get to play Death Grips).


What made it even more exciting is the fact My Bloody Valentine is dropping a new album next year and so I got very excited about that on air. Considering their last work was 5 years ago (and the on before that was over 25), MBV dropping new content is exciting every time. I just pray the play in Toronto because I would kill to see any shoegaze show, and MBV would be one of the most exciting.


Anyway, to sum up all the recent indie news, Bjork announced her new album, Death Grips are posting weird stuff on their social media again (I don’t even know what this is I’ll post the link), tiny desk concerts are as cool as ever with thundercat, weezer and the pixies are going on tour (I’m ready to buy tickets) and for some reason John Cena performed a cover of the pixies where is my mind


Album of the week is THE OOZ by King Krule, you’ll be sure to hear a track off that album next show, such a unique album though with a very dark presence with tons of jazzy undertones. Absolutely spectacular and even RYM can’t figure out a rating for it.


Anyway here is the setlist and link to whatever death grips are promoting

Posted by Death Grips on Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Fotezpolitic – Cocteau Twins

Fade into you – Mazzy Star

Only Shallow – My Bloody Valentine

Star Roving – Slowdive

Twisterella – Ride

Deadbeat Summer – Neon Indian

Floating By -Washed Out

Myth – Beach House

Drivin on 9 – The Breeders

Plimsoll Punks= Alvvays

Had to Hear – Real Estate

The Less I Know the Better – Tame Impala

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