Thank you to everyone who tuned in to Entertainment Insight today – we had so much to talk about! From the best Halloween, to MAJOR Selena news, we covered it all. So lets catch you up!

We both saw a lot of cool costumes this year for Halloween! Some of the best were: Post Malone, Riverdale characters, unicorns and of course the iconic Kourtney Kardashian as Micheal Jackson, Kim Kardashian as Madonna. What were the best ones you saw this Halloween? 

Okay its also November 1, so you know what that means….HOLIDAY DRINKS ARE BACK! We couldn’t resist getting one before the show..Peppermint mocha and Carmel cluster… YUM!

Now we gotta keep an eye out for Selener…. thats right. Selena Gomez was on fire this week. From a new song release ft. Marshmellow called “Wolves” (we love it), to a 10 month relationship coming to an end with The Weeknd. But the strangest thing, is that Selena has been seen hanging out with ex Justin Bieber since the split. Could this mean they are getting back together? Did it cause the breakup? Or is she just trying to make newly ex Abel from the Weeknd jealous? These are the questions we do not know, but hopefully we have some answers for you next week so STAY TUNED!

Catch up next Wednesday from 5-6pm, E.I OUT!

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