Keeg 'n Roccs, Week 5

Keeg 'n Roccs, Week 5

Hello there.

Welcome back to school, everyone. This week was already going to be stressful- midterms, classes, and extra curricular activities are all heating up this week in an attempt to make the average student feel overwhelmed. This, as we know, will continue throughout November until the inevitable calm before the storm in December.

However, this week featured sadness for other reasons. Beginning with the death of John Dunsworth (Jim Lahey from Trailer Park Boys), the week got worse with another Canadian death. Gord Downie, frontman of legendary Canadian band The Tragically Hip, succumbed to brain cancer the morning of our show on Wednesday. He was 53 years old.

We were four songs in to our show when we played a bit of The Hip as tribute. We opened from UWO (just kidding- that school sucks) with Hate To Say I Told You So by The Hives. It’s a good track. Our playlist is HERE, by the way.

DJ Roccs shared some memories of a Hip concert he went to a little while back for their fairwell tour. He paid $340 over asking price (face value was 60, this idiot paid 400) for the tickets, but you know what? He said it was worth every. last. cent.

We have to talk about Post Malone (hereon referred to as “PM”). This time, we found a video that a girl had tweeted of PM singing I Fall Apart, a throaty tune with soul and passion, during one of his rap concerts. No sooner had this tweet blown up than the song- which is about a year old at this point- broke into the BillBoard Top 100. Hmmm.

This is unrelated to the song, but wanna know something wild? Post Malone is younger than Justin Bieber. What the @#$%?!

We kept the jams coming, but couldn’t not talk about our best of reddit this week. Honestly, this, again, I do not understand. Full video below:

Finally, don’t forget about Dirty Bingo tonight at 6pm at Chainer! See you all there.

Until next time.

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