Entertainment Insight Blog Post

Entertainment Insight Blog Post

Do you love celebrity news and entertainment? Are you a celebrity fanatic? Have you been to busy to keep up with the updates? You have come to right place! This is Entertainment Insight, giving you all the news, updates, and top celebrity and entertainment news! These past two weeks have been filled with news and drama.

The middle brother, Joe Jonas of the popular boy band trio The Jonas Brothers, recently got engaged to Sophie Turner! Turner plays Sansa Stark on hit HBO show Game of Thrones. The two have been dating for a little under a year but are completely in love. Jonas 28 and Turner 21 have not yet set a date for their wedding.

John Mayer turned 40 this past Monday the 16th. Fans blew up Twitter and Instagram sending birthday wishes to Mayer. While this Thursday High School Musical star Zac Efron turned 30!

Ed Sheeran announced another world tour for 2017/2018. Sheeran ran into some trouble this past week as he was riding his bike in London. While enjoying his ride he collided with a car, breaking his arm. Sheeran posted on Instagram stating news about the broken arm from the doctor. Sheeran unfortunately had to cancel some tour dates in order to recover. 5 shows have been cancelled and more are to be determined.

The highly anticipated Season 2 premiere of the Netflix original hit show “Riverdale” premiered last Wednesday on the CW network and came to Netflix on the Thursday. Lots of promo and hype was made over the return of Riverdale. Based on the characters from the Archie comics, the show has been all the rage within the millenial community, not only because of the handsome Archie and Jughead but for the twists and turns! New episodes come weekly to Netflix every Thursday!

Wednesday was also the release of the Bachelor Canada! We met our Canadian bachelor Chris Leroux and the single ladies who have come looking for love. The season premiere anticipated lots of drama, love, heartbreak, rose ceremonies, and hopefully an engagement for the handsome bachelor!

The final teaser for Stranger Things season 2 aired and it is action packed and terrifying. We see the return of our favourite characters and some new ones. The Netflix original first season was extremely popular and taken well so the second season is highly anticipated by viewers who are excited to see what freakiness the Duffer Brothers are bringing this season.

In some unfortunate news, the lead singer Gord Downie of the iconic Canadian band The Tragically Hip has passed away. Downie was struggling with a brain tumour and anticipated for his decline. The band did a final Canadian tour, bringing in thousands and thousands of Canadian fans. The Tragically Hip was Canada in essence and became one of the most influential and popular Canadian bands. Many Canadians turned to social media to express their deepest sadness. The Hip is a band that Canadians feel in tune with and relate too. Prime Minister Trudeau gave a tearful statement about his reaction to the loss of his friend. Trudeau stated, “we knew this was coming but we hoped that it wasn’t.” Gord Downie will be deeply missed

For your daily dose of Kardashian drama we have some interesting news. Apparently Blac Chyna is in the process of suing the Kardashian Jenner family. Chyna is said to believe that the family has used their wealth, power, and fame to ruin her image and wreck her career. While the Kardashians are dealing with this drama, Scott Disick a former Kardashian confidant has been relaxing around France, Spain, and London with a lady friend. Sophia Richie known for her modelling and being Justin Biebers ex, 19, and Disick, 34, have confirmed a relationship and demonstrating some extreme PDA. The two have been travelling around and spending lots of intimate time together while giving the paparazzi a bit of a show. Who knows how long this will last for the two!

And there is your insight on the entertainment world! Thanks so much for tuning in this week and be sure to tune in next week for your ultimate entertainment update! Listed below are some of the songs we played during this weeks show! Feel free to check them out or send us a tweet at @hannahjacqradio. Have a great week and we will talk to you guys soon! Hannah and Jacq out!

  1. Wheat Kings- The Tragically Hip
  2. Bobcaygen – The Tragically Hip
  3. Moonlight- Grace Vanderwal
  4. Young Girls- Bruno Mars
  5. Strip That Down – Liam Payne ft Quavo

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