Against the Grain, Ep. 3

Against the Grain, Ep. 3

Good evening (well, rather morning) everyone! Apologies for the late post, just one of those crazy days where everything slips my mind.

It’s been another fun week with another great show which focused on the 90’s, specifically 1994-1996; I had an awesome time broadcasting this one! I hope reading week treated everyone well, and I’m sure that everyone got a ton of school work done.

This week I opened speaking about Tom Petty, and the great tragedy which the world felt upon his death two weeks ago. He was a truly special musician, and was without a doubt one of the greats. In his honour, I decided to open with Running Down a Dream from 1989, which was co-written by fellow Travelling Wilburys member, and front man of Electric Light OrchestraJeff Lynne.

Following this, I had to play a Foo Fighters song, as it is always time for some Foo, and we heard This Is a Call from 1995.

Weekly Music History

This week’s segment of music history featured the iconic Pearl Jam, who came to fruition from the demise of Mother Love Bone, after the death of lead singer Andrew Wood in 1990. His bandmates, Jeff Ament Stone Gossard, then needed a new band, and found it with guitarist Mike McCready, California native Eddie Vedder on guitar and vocals, and Dave Krusen on drums. The band would go through 4 different drummers in their career, before finally settling in 1998 with Matt Cameron, the drummer for a recently split Soundgarden. Cameron had ties to the band previously, as all members (with the exception of Krusen) had been a part of a project called Temple of the Dog in 1991. This project was formed by Wood’s former roommate and friend Chris Cornell, who recruited all of the members to make an album in Wood’s memory. Due to this project, both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam were created.

Pearl Jam have released 10 studio albums since their breakthrough, Ten, in 1991. They have amassed 60 million sales worldwide, and many more are expected, as they continue to push boundaries. 

As of 2017, Eddie Vedder is the only surviving front man from the big 5 founding grunge bands of the 1990’s, with the loss of Nirvana and front man Kurt Cobain, Alice in Chains and front man Layne Staley, Stone Temple Pilots and front man Scott Weiland, and the untimely passing of Soundgarden front man Chris Cornell. Without the death of Andrew Wood, and the demise of Mother Love Bone, the entire 90’s Grunge revolution as it is today would be non-existent. The entire music world, no matter which genre, should understand the impact of Mother Love Bone’s sacrifice, and the rise of giants such as Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

For Pearl Jam, we heard I Got Id from 1995, featuring Neil Young. Following, Soundgarden’s Burden in My Hand, and The Tragically Hip with the classic Gift Shop.

Underappreciated Band of the Week

This week, I decided to focus on the Wallflowers, a band created by singer/songwriter Jakob Dylan, and his childhood friend Tobi Miller. The band formed in 1989, and would soon recruit Rami Jaffee, a keyboardist who would assist Dylan with songwriting. Jaffee would become the keyboardist for the Foo Fighters during their 2005 tour, and became a dedicated touring member, until becoming a full part of the band in 2017.

The Wallflowers first album, released in 1992, did not sell very well. However, in 1996 the Wallflowers released Bringing Down the Horse, and made a household name for themselves with hits such as One Headlight, and 6th Avenue Heartache, featuring Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows. The Wallflowers released six studio albums, the sixth coming after a hiatus from 2006-2012. One Headlight was played for the Wallflowers.

Yes, he is Bob Dylan’s son.

Collective Soul came next with December, and the Back2Back featured Oasis, with Live Forever from 1994, and Champagne Supernova from 1995.

This Week In Music

Not too much happened, really. Marilyn Manson broke his leg and cancelled his tour after a stage prop hit him early last week. Nine Inch NailsRobert PlantSt. Vincent, and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizards all have new albums this week. And finally, AMA voting is on, but honestly, music award shows boycott rock music, and the performances usually aren’t too great, so are they really worth watching?

Since Bruce Springsteen, Madonna
Way before Nirvana
There was U2 and Blondie
And music still on M-T-V

Bowling for Soup1985

The show played off with Nirvana’s The Man Who Sold the World, and Matthew Sweet’s Sick of Myself.

New segment here for the blog posts, going to include my favourite youtube videos from my favourite artists. This week, please enjoy Dave Grohl being Dave Grohl.

Cheers, have a great week!

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