This past Wednesday, Laurier’s Brantford campus was visited by the notorious “Oh…Canada” rapper, Classified. Along with radio hit stars, Dan Talevski and Coleman Hell, first years had a blast at the local club near campus, Club NV.

The annual o-week had first years lining up all around the club, in eager to see what Laurier Brantford had in store for them with the talented lineup.

The night started off with Talevski performing his well known songs such as “Guilty as Sin” and ending with his hit “Knock me Off My Feet”. Then followed by Coleman Hell who had the crowd going wild over the Indie pop vibe, performing his songs such as “Fireproof” and “2 Heads” with a mix of a mash up of Bieber’s “Love Yourself”.

The floor and booths gradually filled up as soon as Classified was ready to hit the stage. Once he did, first years and icebreakers were soon enough dancing along to all of the well-known songs.

Performing his hits, “That Ain’t Classy”, “3 foot tall”, “Higher” and closing off the show with his hip hop touch to the national anthem, “Oh… Canada”, was a great start to a new school year.

The upbeat rap star’s stage presence was a cherry on top to the hype behind the performance.

Not only was Classified’s delivery towards interactions with the audience a great part to the show but as well as the aspect of uniqueness and connection to Laurier itself when it came to showing school spirit.

The hip-hop acknowledgment he had made started from playing some throwback 90’s rap music such as “California Love” by Dr. Dre and Tupac to playing some Kendrick Lamar as well. In no time, everyone was dancing and jamming to the beautiful art behind rap music.

Nonetheless with his incredible beat boxing skills, the “Great to be A Laurier Golden Hawk” finally has a beat to it!

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