The Basement 2016/2017 Introduction

The Basement 2016/2017 Introduction

This is a brand new year for theBasement on Radio Laurier and we are extremely excited to be back on the air. Last year, the Basement as a show reached new heights under the leadership of the Director, Kanisha Bortey, and this year we hope to achieve the same level of success. This blog post will serve as an introduction to the show, a little what we’re about and introduce the new members of the team this year.

The Show:

The Basement is an extension of ABS Laurier (the Association of Black Students), which is a service provided by Laurier through the DEO (Diversity and Equity Office). Essentially, the purpose of the show is to act as an unofficial voice of the community for students on campus who may feel like they don’t necessarily have a platform to express their beliefs. While the opinions shared on the show do not directly represent all the views shared by ABS, the DEO or the general student body, we strive to provide valid discourse on the relevant issues arising both on campus and off campus and explore multiple perspectives when observing these issues. One of the crucial functions of the show is to educate and stimulate discussion; the opinions we share may not be able to present everyone’ ideas but the goal is to get people talking about the issues or at least be aware of what’s going on around them.

Naturally, as a part of ABS Laurier, we often visit issues regarding race, gender, sexuality and so forth. We tend to discuss serious issues, within the Laurier community, the black community overall and the world in general. In addition we also talk about pop culture. Music, movies, art and all forms of media as well as what’s relevant in youth culture and the behaviour of our generation in regards to relationships, finances and other psychological topics are explored on the show.


The Team:

Director – Samson Balogun

Co Host – Garrick Grey

Co Host – Nisheida Price

Reseacher – Emilia Zibaei

Crew Member – Mariah Blake

Crew Member – Xaria Levy

Through out the year we’ll also periodically have special guests on the show.


October 16th Playlist:

Travis Scott – Lose

Roy Woods – How I Feel

Solange – Don’t Touch My Hair

Big Baby D.R.A.M – Broccoli Ft. Lil’ Yachty

Chance – Summer Friends

Bryson Tiller – Let Me Explain

The i of a Genius – High Off Life


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