You ever wonder why textbooks cost so much, tuition is so high, the dining hall isn’t as good as it used to be? It’s simple, university is a STRAIGHT UP BUSINESS. The textbooks and the workbooks we buy are published and made by some of our own teachers and yet they charge us $50 to $100+ ! How come there’s clickers in classes? Well if there weren’t any, why would anyone even go to class since every lecture is online…well at least in all of my classes. Clickers is a way for the university to sell a product which they obviously get profits from and use it towards 5% of your grade so that it encourages students to come to class. Again, they are making us buy something else for their benefit. You could probably go all day about this topic so maybe we’ll talk about this for another show. Here’s the music played from the last show!

1)Low Life – Future x Weeknd

2)Jai Ho – The Pussycat Dolls

3)Up All Night – Drake x Nicki Minaj

4)Impatient – Jeremiah

5) Swimming Pools – Kendrick Lamar

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