A Digitally Nostalgic Journey with DJ Bojanglez

A Digitally Nostalgic Journey with DJ Bojanglez

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In The News

This morning at approximately 3:30am, a water main broke in the area of Westmount rd and Highland rd. Most of the spillage was cleaned up by 7:30am however, two lanes on Westmount were closed down causing some congestion on the roadways. Some residents were left with reduced water pressure that should be back to normal in the coming days. More details HERE.

In other news, there has been a bounty placed for the “hacking” of the the Apple OS6. Zerodium, has offered anyone who cracks the Operating System $1 Millions in compensation for the discovery. Once Zerodium owns the compromise they sell the information of to companies and government sectors such as the NSA. A group of researchers have claimed to have found an exploit to the OS however,  the exploit will be heavily tested before it is confirmed. More details HERE.

On This Day but Not This Day

On November 3rd 1911, Chevrolet entered the automobile market to compete with Ford and its Model T.

On November 3rd 1954, the first Godzilla film was released unto the world as it scared the living daylights out of everyone.

Window Weather

With a quick peek out the Studio window all I could see was blue sky, still trees and a whole lot of sun. I think we can put those jackets away for one more day folks! Toss on a sweater and jump in a pile of leaves!

The 10 O’Clock Bojanglez Best

For today’s Bojanglez Best we rocked out to Monster Trucks new single Don’t Tell Me How To Live

If you like to rock out to some good old fashioned Hamilton Rock this song is for you.

Digital Nostalgia

Today we looked at a couple of systems from my childhood. First we looked at the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and the Nintendo 64 (N64). For the Super Nintendo I discussed Super Mario World and how my brother and myself would play it together all the time. It was so perfect because it allowed two players but you took turns when you died. Therefore, I would be able to play a couple levels before it was Tim’s turn, to when he would quickly die. I remember the game ultimately “feeling” really good. What I mean by this is that the controls were really responsive and tight. When I wanted Mario to jump, he would without delay as I pressed the jump button. I could feel how far his jumps would go, and you could control how long you were in the air for, depending on if you held the jump button or not. It was an overall great game filled with tons of levels and secrets. Additionally, we looked at Donkey Kong Country made by the awesome folks from Rare Ware.  The best parts of this game were the beautifully crafted levels and characters that looked years beyond what had come out before it. As well, the MUSIC in Donkey Kong Country is second-to-none on the SNES.

Furthermore, I looked at Super Mario 64, A game that many of us know and love. I previously talked about how good Super Mario World “felt.”  Well when you have an entire console and controller crafted around the creation of the game itself that “feeling” is intensified by ten-fold. This game is amazing, there is know doubt about. Also, we jumped into another amazing Rare Ware game know as Banjo-KazooieWhile the game-play in Banjo-Kazooie doesn’t necessarily differ all that much from the game-play of Super Mario 64, it made what was already amazing two-times better. The world of Banjo-Kazooie just felt more alive. It was filled with vibrant characters and vastly unique worlds, and once again had some of the best music that the N64 has to offer. Have a listen HERE.

The Tuesday Question

Today I asked, “What video games do you remember playing when you were younger?”

Some Answers:

Dana: Paper Mario!

Ian: Rampage

Tyler: Basically anything super hero, ninja-turtle or Ghostbuster related

Ryan: Mario Kart 64

Bronson: GoldenEye 007

Stewart: Super Smash Bros. 64

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