Mid-Week Update 8.0

Mid-Week Update 8.0



I left you all last week with only a few updates as I was ready to leave for Camp WLUSP (Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications) 2015. I do have to say that even though I was only able to be there for 2 of the 4 days, it was an awesome weekend. WLUSP is made up of numerous student run publications which are hosted across our various campuses. Most of WLUSP was represented this past weekend with members from The Cord, The Community Edition, Blueprint, The Sputnik, WLUSP Administrative Team and of course yours truly along with some fellow RL-er’s and a few choice others. The point of the weekend was to bring together all of WLUSP in hopes to build bonds and relationships that will strengthen WLUSP as a whole; to complete some strategic planning for the upcoming year; and of course to have just a tiny amount of fun. As far as giving all the dirty details as to what exactly happened this past weekend….well I’m sorry, for those of you who are not apart of the WLUSP team, you really should be, and for those of you who are WLUSP-ers, just remember that you have been sworn to secrecy. I do want to take this time to quickly mention that along with some management positions, general volunteer hiring will be beginning in September so find out more information on WLUSP.com as well as each individual publication’s website.


Our WLUSP 2015-2016 Team!

$700.00 to anyone who can pick me out in this photo!

Check out #CampWLUSP15 on Twitter and Instagram to get a better idea as to what happened this weekend, maybe it’ll even spark your interest in joining so you can be apart of it next year…..seed….planted.

Moving on from “personal” updates did any of you go to WayHome this past weekend? Surprisingly most of our staff who couldn’t attend camp were at WayHome instead and being a radio station….that resulted in a lot of staff. Just in case you’re reading this after having a few choice beverages OR you’re not the sharpest tool in the crayon box, I was at camp and therefore not at WayHome, so sadly I don’t have any updates on that for you. BUT DON’T FRET MY DEAR CHILD because our lovely Morning Show DJ/Manager, DJ Deej did go AND, wait get this, SHE DID A REVIEW OF IT! So all you sad human beans like myself got the full rundown without having to share a communal toilet! Check that out here!


Another thing, just before I go into my actual, relevant, content-appropriate updates, have any of you people noticed the increase in content on RadioLaurier.com ? Because there are posting and shows coming out at you every which way, and if you’re not careful they might actually…hit you in the face? I was trying to come up with something creative to say there but it wasn’t coming to me…ah well. But no seriously we’re pushing out a ton of content, which is just emphasizing the fact that my mid-week-should-be-Wednesday-Updates are avoiding the laws of common thought and functionality and being released on a Thursday, but really what can yea do?!?!

Wow okay, that was a long a$$ intro to ALOTTA content coming at you because last week you got next to nothing. With that in mind there is actually a lot of content for this week and for the sake of my sanity and your interest I will keep each update relativity short, salty, and somewhat to the point….LETS BEGIN!

Brooklyn pop duo, Photoreal, released a new single today titled “That Life” which can be listened to via Consequence of Sound. For those of you harbouring for the 80’s this track has a very 80’s pop vibe to it. This cheesy background sounds track to a class 80’s flick and you’ve got “That Life”


Toronto band Fake Palms, released their music video for their latest single “Sparkles“. “Sparkles” is the second track on their latest self-titled album set to release with Buzz Records on August 28th. With a pop/punk vibe to them, Fake Palms come off as trippy but is also something that I would love to have playing while I’m driving at night with the windows down. If you liked “Sparkles” or if you’re interested in seeing Fake Palms in action, they do have three Canadian stops along their North American tour. The first in Montreal at Bar L’Esco on August 22nd, then in Toronto at the Silver Dollar on September 10th, then in London at Call the Office on September 12th.

Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast announce their fall Canadian tour, Skulls & Bones, for nautical concept album, Martel released last February. Most recently there has been a companion book to the album which shared the title of the tour and released through HarperCollins on September 1st to really kick off the fall tour.

Here are the dates!

August 22 – Invermere, BC – Invermere Arts Festivalunnamed

September 11 – Vancouver, BC – The Fox Theatre

September 18 – Victoria, BC – Rifflandia – Alix Goolden Hall

September 23 – Halifax, NS – The Carleton

September 29 – Sherbrooke, QC – Bar Le Magog

September 30 – Montreal, QC – La Sala Rossa

October 1 – Quebec City, QC – L’Anti Bar & Spectacles

October 4 – Ridgeway, ON – The Sanctuary

October 6 – London, ON – Aeolian Hall

October 7 – Toronto, ON – The Great Hall

One of my favourite things is free stuff, and really who can’t say the same. A few weeks ago I mentioned We Came As Strangers, an incredibly talented UK band who’s newest album Eyedom is set to release on August 31st. Well the album’s title track “Eyedom” has been released on Soundcloud for both listening and downloading. The track, though short and mostly instrumental, spotlights vocalist Ellem’s, incredible voice. Comparatively, she’s got a hint of Ellie Goulding to her voice, which if doesn’t speak to her power and talent, I don’t know what will.


2011 formed Toronto-based (Chinatown) band HSY is set to release their debut LP Bask on September 11, 2015. To hold you over

until then and to introduce you to their music their first premiered single “Scratch” has just been released on Stereogum and can be streamed via Soundcloud. According to band member Jude, the song is “basically about being an ego maniac and thinking your gods gift to women when really your just a smelly 20 something with nothing really to offer anyone”. If that’s not confidence at it’s finest, I don’t know what is!

I do feel the need to make an update on an update that I released in an update….hehehe, confused? In my 4th update, on June 25th, you know the one with the super cool-artsy chalk version of the logo for the posting, this one? I had announced a preview of a new single “Tetherball” for Toronto band, the Karpinka Brothers. I had also mentioned that at the time, there were no Ontario dates for their summer tour, HOWEVER Shawn Karpinka, one of the Karpinka Bro’s reached out to me, and wanted me to mentioned that there are in fact Ontario dates for their tour but that they’re in October, which resulted in the summer tour continuing into the fall!


Oct. 2 – Ottawa, ON – Waiting to confirm
Oct. 3 – Durham, ON – Garafraxa Cafe
Oct. 4 – 6 Toronto, ON – House Show – Waiting to confirm
Oct. 7 – Orillia, ON – The Brownstone
Oct. 8 – Toronto, ON – The Local
Oct. 9 – Kingston, ON – Musiikki Café
Oct. 10 – Guelph, ON – The Cornerstone
Oct. 11 – Brantford, ON – The Station
Oct. 11 – St. Catherines, ON – Mahtay Cafe

And that folks is all she wrote. I wish everyone a safe and exciting long weekend! Get turn but don’t get burnt! …I feel like that’s something that Pauly D and Vinny would chant on The Jersey Shore on their way to the beach…Damn, if only that show were still on I could have made millions…..

Peace Easy Friendships!

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