News Unplugged: Friday, March 30, 2015

Co-Pilot Believed to have had a Mental Illness

After the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 in an alphine Mountain in France; killing approximately 150 people, investigators are challenging the mental state of the copilot.

Andreas Lubitz, copilot of the flight that crashed, is now believed to have suffered from a great deal of mental stress. Investigators, after searching his apartment, found antidepressants.

A German newspaper acknowledged that Lubitz suffered from a psychosomatic illness which brought him severe subjective burnout and by extension, depression.


Air Canada flight skidded off the Runway

It was early Sunday morning that an Air Canada flight skidded off the runway. It was 12:45am when a plane hit the runway of hard eventually ended up sliding on its belly for approximately 30 seconds.

This incident took place in the Stanfield International Airport. 23 shaken passengers and crew were taken up and brought to the hospital. 133 passengers and 5 crew were on board.

The Airport spokesperson, Peter Spurway, said it is unclear whether runway conditions led to the accident.

Fire Leaves Two Waterloo Students Homeless

It was 7pm at the Phillip Street Residence on Saturday when a fire broke out.

The apartment belongs to two students. $15,000 in damages was accrued.

The Waterloo Fire Department revealed that the fire was started by books overheating on a mini-fridge. No one was home at the time.

Sugar Kings Win

The Elmira Sugar Kings remain perfect in the Junior ‘B’ playoffs.

Their 4-1 victory over Stratford in Game #1 of the Cherrey Cup Championship Series was the Sugar Kings’ ninth straight post-season win.

Chad Herron scored twice for Elmira, including the eventual winning goal at the 52-second mark of the third period.

RnD Impacts Laurier

Two first year students at Wilfrid Laurier University, despite pursuing a business and a Science degree, are making headways.

They have collectively set their sights on the music realm with the release of numerous beats; notably Valour, Victory and Bando.

The group, called RnD, makes beats for recreational and commercial use. Highly acclaimed musical professionals have described their construct as “impressive” and “subtly refreshing”.




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