Interstellar was fantastic

Interstellar was fantastic

It really was. Interstellar plus homecoming made for a fantastic weekend. I talked about all my impressions of the long but amazing movie, as well as my favourite space movies. As a geek, I love most things space, even if space is scary.

I also talked news – like how Star Wars: Episode VII has a new name (The Force Awakens). Also, another reminder: Boyhood is playing in Brantford at the Galaxy Cinemas on King George Road at 6:30pm on Thursday. It’s a cool opportunity to check out this limited released film.

Now, for the real reason you come to the blog: the wide world of the movie internet!

Let’s start out with my favourite movie: Ghostbsters. Ernie Hudson, who played the part of Winston, the fourth Ghostbuster, wrote an essay in Entertainment Weekly about his disappointment that his character’s role was drastically cut down from the original script. Apparently the original script fleshed out his back story and gave him more of a part, but was cut down to what it is in the movie.

Let’s lighten the mood a bit: check out this amazing trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, if it was an 80s action movie on VHS.



This is awesome: a gallery of the miniatures used in filming the Lord of the Rings. Look at that detail!


Miniatures used in The Lord of The Rings.


And finally, one more Interstellar thing – The Onion, the satirical news site, released their review of the film online.



And that’s it for me this week, tune in to The Popcorn Corner every Tuesday!

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