No Swingin' In Your Walkin'

No Swingin' In Your Walkin'

Hey there swingers!

Your hip cat Lunkis here! As I get myself prepared for today’s installment of Your Swing Fling, I thought it may be interesting to share some examples of electro-swing videos. Often when cooling off between shows I’ll be scouring the web looking for dillinger swing tunes, and it’s pretty neat to see how many of these artists have had music videos created that (much like the electro-swing genre) mash up clips of old media to create a whole new experience. Take for example one of my favourite electro-swing songs, “Istanbul (not Constantinople) by Bart & Baker


At least in my opinion, this video is really the mezz. Having semi-synchronized footage of black and white film (old-media) mashed up with this already remediation-heavy genre really serves to satisfy that nostalgic urge that most swing fans are looking for. There a few other examples that are worth looking at from Tape Five or Parov Stelar. Even with these really neat old-fashioned music videos, I think it’s also worth noting the ones that aim to do something new.

Artists like Caravan Palace and Parov Stelar manage to create some pretty entertaining videos of  their own. From animated alien invasions to gang based swing dance offs, Caravan Palace always bring something new to the table when it comes to their videos.

If you’ve got any suggestions for swing / electro-swing based videos to check out, shoot me a tweet! @YourSwingFling!

Be sure to tune in to today’s installment of Your Swing Fling from 5-6PM, only on Radio Laurier. I’ll be posting the track list shortly after the show for all you jitterbugs, so get to frisking those whiskers!

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