The Association Returns!

The Association Returns!

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Welcome back oh faithful listeners! Another week of deadlines and assignments and quotas has passed, and you can once again turn off your brain and listen to Dillon and Kyle argue about sports!

This week is all about the NBA. It opened with three games on Tuesday and a full slate on Wednesday, which saw the Raptors hang on to beat the Atlanta Hawks in their home opener. Join us as we talk for a half hour about what we are most looking forward to this season, which teams will win their divisions, and our rookie of the year picks.

We would love to hear your opinions on our choices on twitter, and be sure to tweet us at @UFR_radio. Of course, a fall episode of our show would be nothing without a look at the NFL week that was. Cardinals/Eagles and Cowboys/Redskins were two games that marvelled us, and as the season progresses, we realize we still don’t know anything. But that does not stop us from trying to act like experts.

We end the show by attempting to predict this weekend’s marquee games. I hope you are not keeping score, because I (Dillon) could do pretty badly with my picks this week. I picked the Panthers with the upset at home while Kyle played it save by picking the Saints, although their road woes are very real. We both took Arizona to come out of Texas with a win, although I for one am not ruling out the Cowboys form achieving more 2014 magic. And of course, no edition of “Who You Got” would be complete if we ignored the Brady-Manning bowl. The events of this year have gone just right to make this the anticipated classic that it did not look like it would be just a month ago. I, perhaps foolishly, took the Patriots while Kyle picked the Broncos.

Once again, click on the link to listen to the show in full, and then enjoy your sports-watching weekend. We’ll see you next week at 6pm ET for another episode of Upon Further Review.

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