Happy Halloweek!

Happy Halloweek!

Again we say, Happy Halloweek everyone! Who is excited for Friday? We know we are!! Dran is going as his classic ring leader, but he got all crafty and added his initial in gems and more fluff on the shoulder pads, he’s going to look awesome! Mia is going as a black eyed peas song… that buzzes… you guessed it! IMMA BEE. We’ll post a picture of us two all dressed up and put it on our twitter (@mediabuzzWLU) for you guys if you’re interested.

Speaking of halloween costumes, Mia dressed up in a rather interesting costume last year and did something that we said we would post again, and here it is:


Does she dare do this again? Check out our twitter and find out.

On today’s show we talked about Beyonce’s upcoming and first biography! It will be released next fall and will be including all aspects of Beyonce’s life including her childhood, her marriage, her time with Destiny’s Child and of course her still booming career.

We also talked about Kanye turning down 500 THOUSAND DOLLARS PER SHOW for 6 shows in vegas. That is the most money anyone would have ever made on the Las Vegas strip. Celine Dion is currently the one making the most money at 472 thousand a show.

Please have a happy and safe halloween Golden Hawks, we love you! Also tweet us your costume pictures. We would love to see!!

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