Best Look Award for European Music Awards?

Best Look Award for European Music Awards?

Hello hello Golden Hawks! Hope you’re having a marvellous day! We also hope you tuned in and enjoyed our show today.
Today we talked about Kanye trying to get disabled individuals to stand up at a concert, Iggy possibly being in a porn video, U2’s arrival into your iTunes and the EMAS.

We think Kanye made his situation worse rather than better, because he got security to go check on the disable people to make sure that they were indeed unable to stand for him at his concert.

EMAS will take place on November 9 in Glasglow. We do not know who will be performing yet, but we do know that there are most American nominations than European! We also know that there is a category for “best look” which is interesting since it’s the European MUSIC Awards. I mentioned a picture I saw of Rita Ora and Iggy Azelia so I hope you noticed it at the top.

I also told you I would post the video for Chandelier by Sia

Music Video:

Performance on Ellen:


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