Countdown Part Two! - Internet Icons

Hello Laurier!

Our last show of the year is coming up on Friday and it is part two to our countdown of our favourite artists.

I specifically have chosen 3 artists to broadcast on the show: Dave Days, Tiffany Alvord, and Megan & Liz. I love all 3 of these artists so much because they do the most amazing covers of songs that I think sometimes can rival the originals. This could be a spoiler but my number one favourite artist is Megan & Liz. I posted their cover of Stay by Florida Georgia Line but we aren’t playing that cover on our show. I decided to choose my favourite cover by them as well as my favourite original song. Those are Grenade by Bruno Mars and their original song Release You.

Megan & Liz, Tiffany, and Dave are all committed to their online careers and what makes them so great is that they know they would be nowhere without their online fans.

Go check them out!

Megan & Liz

Dave Days

Tiffany Alvord

We hope you have an amazing week and don’t forget to tune into Internet Icons, Friday at 2pm!

Lindsay 🙂


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