The Top 10: TV Show Theme Songs

The Top 10: TV Show Theme Songs

Ello, Ello!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend filled with some much needed R and R! As this semester dwindles down, The Top 10 sadly is also coming to an end for the year. But have no fear! There are still a few more shows for this semester.

This past thursday, The Top 10 had a great show as we choose our favourite TV show theme songs/opening songs! All of these songs are downright catchy and I warn you, they will be stuck in your head for the next week! But also, alot of these shows are super nostolgic and will bring you right back to when you used to (or still are) watch some of these great shows!

Here is the list! If you guys have any personal faves lemme know as I am always interested in hearing what you all would put on the list.

10) Paulo Cole “I Don’t Wanna Wait” (Dawson’s Creek)

9) Joan Jett “Bad Reputation” (Freaks and Geeks)

8) Dandy Warhols “We Used to be Friends” (Veronica Mars)

7) They Might Be Giants “Boss of Me” (Malcolm in the Middle)

6) Carole King “Where You Lead” (Gilmore Girls)

5) Phantom Planet “California” (The OC)

4) The Rembrandts “I’ll Be There For You” (Friends)

3) Will Smith and Quincy Jones “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” (Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

2) The Monkees “Theme from the Monkees” (The Monkees)

1) Gary Portnoy “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” (Cheers)

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