Welcome Back from Internet Icons!

Hello Laurier!

We hope you had an amazing and relaxing Reading Week. This Friday we are changing things up a bit for our third themed show this year. This week we are doing a Coldplay edition of Internet Icons! We have 7 artists that we are going to broadcast this week and they are all crazy good.┬áIt’s always fun to do themed episodes because we get to find all these covers of the same songs and it’s crazy to go through them and see all the different takes and styles that these talented musicians create. But we only put the best of the best on the air for you listeners and I can tell you that this Friday from 2-3, you will not be disappointed.

As always, if you want to request any online musicians, any ideas for themed shows, even any songs you’d like to see covers of, making sure you tweet us @InternetIcons. And don’t forget to tune into the show Friday at 2pm!


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