Next Gen News!

Next Gen News!

Hey goldenhawks,
Sclay and I covered quite a bit of ground today in terms of next-gen gaming news, including Titanfall, as well as a new game in the Alien franchise! It has recently been confirmed that Titanfall will be capping it’s player count at 6v6 – an announcement that sparked some outrage from gamers interested in the title.


Respawn’s lead designer Justin Hendry defended the studio’s choice, clarifying that each side will also have up to twelve A.I. controlled combatants, and that each player may have their titan assist them as an A.I. partner as well.

We also discussed the latest trailer for the upcoming Alien: Isolation. The gameplay trailer appears to represent a game that is much more faithful to the original Alien film, basing itself it the genre of survival horror as opposed to that of the action-shooter based Aliens: Colonial Marines. There’s not much to say at this point, though we’ll be sure to report more on the game before its release in December 2014.


That’s all for this week’s show! Have yourselves a safe weekend, and we’ll see you next Friday!

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