Remembering How We Got Here

Remembering How We Got Here

Last night theBasement covered many different topics. We talked about our famous mayor, Mr. Rob Ford and some of his ‘recreational activities’ to the White Poppy to DJ Khaled and NO NEW FRIENDS! The show was all over the place and there was nothing but laughter however, when it came to the discussion of the white poppy, the discussion turned seriously very quickly. The White Poppy has been created to promote ‘peace’ and it has stirred up a lot of controversial in terms of disrespecting what the red poppy means.

In light of today being Remembrance Day, we have out host Cory Allen telling us what this day means to him.

“When waking up on a day like today, Remembrance Day, I didn’t typically think of war and bloodshed.  I asked myself, am I a proud Canadian?  Am I happy living here?  Will I raise my children here?  After answering yes to all three questions I asked myself, Why?  There are many things I value as a Canadian.  Whether it be that of democracy, our social services, and free health care, or just the humble lives we live, these values are what make me a proud and happy Canadian.

Nothing comes free in life, and much of these values and freedoms which constitute our national identity are things we had fought to obtain as well as sustain.  This is what Remembrance Day means to me.  It is remembering the cost of human life and service that made the Canada we live in today possible.  I remember those who fought for democracy and freedom on the battlefield to ensure that this country I call home, will be free.  Everything in life comes with a price.  So if you truly value the benefits of living in Canada as opposed to elsewhere in the world, and you are a proud to be Canadian, I encourage you to celebrate Remembrance Day.  I encourage you to honour those who valued the same things but risked and lost their lives for it to be possible for people like you and me.”

Lest We Forget.

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