White Ash Falls 'By The River Bend' Review

White Ash Falls 'By The River Bend' Review

For Fans Of: Joel Plaskett Emergency / The Tallest Man on Earth

With White Ash Falls’ new album Over The Night just released on November 5th, I figure its a good time to take a look back at this alternative-rock band’s first full-length album By The River Bend (2012). By The River Bend for me, is the ideal wintertime album.

It’s calming acoustic tracks provide the ultimate accompaniment for exam time studies. While at times White Ash Fall’s risks falling into the mix amongst the plethora of other alternative bands existing in the Canadian indie scene currently, it is the bands guitar and lyrical talent where they truly shine. Stand-outs on the album for me lyrically, include: “Whatever You Want” and “Hong Kong Blues.”

So if you’re looking for a good low-key album for the cold winter months, check out White Ash Fall’s By The River Bend, available for download here, and check out their new album Over The Night out now.

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