We Are Scientists 'Business Casual' Review

We Are Scientists 'Business Casual' Review

We Are Scientists new EPĀ Business CasualĀ is a very catchy composition of songs. Their harmonizing is exceptional and with a cover of ‘Take My Breath Away’ who wouldn’t be intrigued.

An indie from New York City, We Are Scientists deliver a very well put together track list. It has everything from upbeat and fun (‘Dumb Luck’), to slow and mellow (‘Return The Favor’). While there style is quite similar to other indie bands out there, there harmonizing and the quality of their voices make them stand apart.

My favourite track on the EP has to be ‘Return The Favor’ which should be an instant hit with all indie fans out there. That track allows the duo’s voices to really stand out and the harmonizing is quite extraordinary.

If you are into the whole indie scene and even if you are not, I would recommend to take a listen and enjoy. I promise you will not be disappointed.


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