Twin Forks' E.P. Review

Twin Forks' E.P. Review

If you haven’t heard of Twin Forks, now’s the time to check them out. New to the scene , band members, Chris Carrabba, Suzie Zeldin, Jonathan Clark and Ben Homola have just released their first self-titled E.P., with songs that will attract any age.

Although it only contains five tracks, each song generates an energetic spirit that encourages listeners to get up and move, even capable of lifting the heavy burden of a bad day. This quirky group from Florida delivers their folk-rock sound in a way that leaves a lasting impression on any listener, sure call them-selves a fan soon after.

Their relatable lyrics and catchy beats can be compared to the likes of Of Monsters of Men and Mumford and Sons , however the band attains their own unique and eccentric sound that stands alone from any other.
Some stand-out songs include “Back to You” and “Cross My Mind”, definitely worth a listen.

Check em’ out!

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