Volunteers & DJs

We hire general volunteer positions all year round – there is no deadline for applications!

What happens once I apply:

For DJ’s Applying for their own show: Once your completed application is received, your show proposal is sent to our Programming Committee for review. If they think the proposal is on air ready, it will be approved for a live to air or pre-recorded show. If it is not deemed ready to air, that does not mean the show idea is done. Programming Committee will compile comments and suggestions on how to make the proposed show better as well as making it fit into our programming schedule. Then the applicant will re-submit the outline and this process continues until the show is deemed ready to go ahead with. While this may seem like a lengthy process, it is crucial in ensuring you as a DJ are the most prepared as possible for your first show. During this process, you will be brought in for a Orientation session with the Station Manager. The Station Manager will go over all the information in regards to the organization, the position as well as get a feel for what you are looking for as a volunteer. Once the outline is approved and the orientation session is completed, the applicant is hired and then the training process begins in order to prepare you for the first show

For Everyone else: Once your completed application is received, it is reviewed by the Station Manager. The Station Manager will then contact you to organize an orientation meeting that will include yourself, the Station Manager, as well as a relevant coordinator for the position you are applying. This meeting is designed to introduce you to Radio Laurier and our parent organization as well as how you would fit into the position you have applied for.  Afterwards you will be contacted with an offer of either the position you applied for or a position we believe you are a good fit for (the alternative fit would be discussed before hand at the Orientation meeting and thus would not be a surprise to yourself).