Summer Summary!
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Summer Summary!

We’re baaaaacckkkkk! I hope yall missed us a little while we were gone. Not only am I back in the building but we also got the skinny big homie Kamo back as well. As I am sure yall know, we had a major summer for hip-hop and even though I was rocking with yall the entire time it’s time we summarize the summer and keep things moving.

We kicked things off with all the big summer albums. Annnnnnd man were there a lot. Everyone from Juicy J to J Cole dropped a project this summer and made a mark on the 2013 catalog. Sooo, it is only right that we summed up every album that dropped and played a lil’ something off it just in case you were under a rock for four months.

May 21st: French Montana – Excuse My French 

June 18th: J Cole – Born Sinner

June 18th: Kanye West – Yeezus

June 18th: Mac Miller – Watching Movies With The Sound Off

June 25th: Wale – The Gifted

July 4th: Jay-Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail

August 20th: A$AP Ferg – Trap Lord

August 20th: Earl Sweatshirt – Doris

August 27th: Big Sean – Hall Of Fame

August 27th: Juicy J – Stay Trippy

Don’t want to sift thru all of these records? Fair enough. Our top 5 include Big Sean, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Mac Miller and J Cole.

Don’t want to listen to a full album? Check out our certified 2013 songs of summer. Ready? Here it goes:

Versace Remix – Drake & Migos

95 Til Infinity – Joey Bada$$

I’m In It – Kanye West

Forbidden Fruit – J Cole & Kendrick Lamar

Control – Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica


Okay, now back to our regular scheduled programming. Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure is still in full effect. That being said, things are getting guiltier this year. But I’m sure yall are wondering how that is physically possible… well it is. We took it to the streets of Harlem for the g-mix of A$AP Ferg’s anthem ‘Work’. The track on its own is tuuurn up enough but the remix is next level. It features French Montana, Trinidad James, ScHoolBoy Q and A$AP Rocky. Talk about trill. Check the video here and remember to put in work.

Verse of the Week was simple. What was the verse of the summer? There are two obvious ones. Can’t guess? Versaceversaceversaceversaceversaceversace. Still nothing? Okay well, Drizzy killed Migos’ track essentially making it his own. This was naturally my pick. Kamo came with K Dot’s verse on Control which shook up the hip-hop world and also clogged my Twitter timeline for days. How would we decide a winner with only two DJs? YOU! We took to Twitter to find our winner and by popular demand, Kamo/Kendrick took the win. That will all change next though, I’ve got bars.

Feel some type of way about any lists we made? Get at us on Twitter @RLRapUp and let us know what you think about the whole summer. We always have our ears to the streets tweets.







Peace, Love & Kendrick Responses


Don’t Get GASSED!
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Don’t Get GASSED!

Wuddduupp friends? If you are wondering why my voice is all coarse it’s probably because this past weekend was the WLUSP summer retreat. Hence the reason the big homie Kamo also stopped by to reignite our flame. Pause.

We kicked things off this week with a little throwback track. Two legendary southern hip-hop groups linked up back in 2008 to do a song called ‘International Players Anthem’. You may have heard of them (Outkast & UGK) The song was a perfect display of all four MCs styles and came out of hiding this weekend at the retreat. Shout out to Ryan for the hookup. Ha! If you don’t know the song or wanna take a quick trip down memory lane, check it out right here.

Next we took it back one more time with Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure. Instead of the typical Ross/Gucci/Flocka/Sosa, I decided to go with a more classy approach to a turrrrn up track… and nothing says classy like Hova himself. This week we I chose ‘Big Pimpin’ by Jay-Z featuring UGK. Please check the symmetry. The song came out way back in 2000 and has killed the clubs/house parties/stadiums since its first radio spin. Nothing more to do than press play and let the “pimpin” begin. Check it out right here.

We had a little revamped Realness this week. *Kamo inspired* We decided to bring in anew term thanks to the recent “gassing” that is going 0n in the rap game. Too often we find rappers that are feeling themselves a little too much and get carried away. Word to Ray J. Therefore, Kamo and I decided to implement the ‘DON”T GET GASSED!” segment. It will attempt to keep these gassed up rappers in check and ensure that no one thinks they are like a God or something. Wait a minute…. That brings us to this weeks’ “gassed up” rapper. Senor West got himself into more trouble this past weekend when he physically assaulted (choked out) a reporter out front of LAX. Not only did this gass him up a tad but he proceeded to finally open his online clothing store and to no surprise, it was gassed. Kanye will be charging his hard working fans upwards of $100 for a simple, basic, white cotton t-shirt. Talk about feeling yoooself. I mean, nothing too unexpected here but still, come on Yeezy, gives us a break… and maybe a Groupon.

We finished things off with another Chi-Town MC who recently became a lot richer. (maybe he can buy some of Kanye’s clothes) Chance The Rapper was been in these streets for a minute, working with tons of rappers such as Childish Gambino, Ab-Soul etc. and he finally dropped his highly anticipated mixtape ‘Acid Rap’ this past April. It is rumored that he recently inked a record deal for in and around 5 million dollars. That is basically the biggest signing bonus in recent history and even surpasses A$AP Rocky and Drake. That is a lot of money invested into a rapper with only two mixtapes. Will it pay off? Will he flop? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter. Holler at us @RLRapUp and let us know yall think!

Buuuut, that is it from us this week. I will be back next week same time, same place giving yall those soothing summer sounds, with a banger mixed in here and there…










Peace, Love & Chance The Rapper’s First Strip Club Splurge

New Rules…
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New Rules…

Wuddduppp friends? Sooo I’m back in this thaang and man does it feel good. I think I came back just in time because it is becoming increasingly hot in these streets. Fo real.

We kicked things off with some new J. Cole & Wale. They are both coming off new albums and decided to link up and cook up the best of both worlds. The track is called ‘Winter Schemes’ and is definitely a nice conclusion to a huge month for both of these young MCs. Check it out right here.

Next we reviewed DC kid Wale’s new album ‘The Gifted’. The album dropped on June 25th and is Wale’s third solo album and came out obviously under the MMG empire. He really mixed his Go-Go roots with his new found trap sound to create a solid LP that nicely displays his versatility as an MC. Some of the stronger tracks feature Wale slowing it down and flexing his ballad-style rhyme skills. Make sure to check out the lead single ‘LoveHate Thing’ right here.

Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure was none other than this summer’s most remixed song (word to A Milli). Can’t guess? Versace, versace, versace, versace, versace etc. Ring a bell? Good. Hotlanta trapper Migos dropped a song entitled ‘Versace’ early in the summer but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that Drizzy Drake lent his OVOSound to the track and made it really knock. You can peep the new flows right here. We see you Halle Berry.

we also played some new Joey Bada$$ and some new PARTYNEXTDOOR. Both of these up and comers dropped mixtapes this past week and they are both hellaaa tiiiight. Both are great summer soundtracks and should be listened to frequently and preferably with the top down. Check them out here and here. Mississauga and Brooklyn stand UP!

The Realness this week was, well, real. Mr. carter himself dropped his very own solo album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’. After sitting with it for a week you know the internets start to chatter and comments come about. The big Q is whether or not this album cracks Hov’s top three best album. RapUp’s Realness??? It ain’t. Sorry Jay. BUT don’t get it twisted, this album is strong and has tons of great tracks buuuutttt it doesn’t really have the same cultural impact as Black Album, Blueprint etc. Anyways, give it a chance and peep a few key songs here and here. the Roc is still in building…

That’s it from me this week but make sure to join in on the conversation on Twitter @RLRapUp and let us know what you think about this summer hip-hop frenzie. Check us out next week same time, same place…










Peace, Love & Rick Rubin’s Couch Hopping

SummerJam XX
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SummerJam XX

Wuddduuupp yall?

In celebration of Hot97’s annual hip-hop mega festival in I feel like I should bring yall up to speed on some of the mind blowing-bar raising-hellla dope stuff that has happend on that New Jersey stage for 20 years. I’m counting down the top 20 biggest moments at Hot97’s Summer Jam.

20. R&B princess Aaliyah nearly didn’t get a chance to perform. (2000)

19. Kanye West brought the god to the Summer Jam stage (Hov) for a rendition of ‘Diamonds from Sierra Leone Remix’ (2005)

18. Trey Songz makes out with an underage fan onstage. (2010)

17. Big Pun performed with Terror Squad. (1998)

16. Busta Rhymes resurrects Big Daddy Kane, Rakim and Slick Rick. (2006)

15. 50 Cent walks right off stage. (2004)

14. Dr. Dre, Snoop Lion Dogg and Eminem literally tore the roof off that maaaafuggaaa. (2000)

13. Lil Kim’s nip slip. (2003)

12. Wu Tang Clan disses Hot97 at their own festival. (1997)

11. Diddy performs with the Bad Boy family. (1997)

10. Jay-Z disses 50 Cent. (1999)

9. Nas bails but Ja Rule and CamRon save the day and fill the slot. (2002)

8. Kanye West challenges Swizz Beatz to a beat-off (2007)

7. The Game throws his old G-Unit chain into the crowd. (2005)

6. T-Pain hops on stage with Jay-Z while he performs ‘Death of Auto-Tune’. (2009)

5. Eminem smashes The Source Awards. (2003)

4. 50 Cent humiliates Ja Rule & Irv Gotti. (2003)

3. Biggie has the performance of a lifetime.. for real. (1995)

2. Jay-Z sons Prodigy. (2001)

1. Jay-Z brings out Michael Jackson. (2001)

There you have it! This year had some really interesting stuff happen too but to hear all about ’em yall gotta tune in next week at 6pm. That’s how it goesssssss.






Peace, Love & a SummerJam ticket price.

Real or Ratchet?
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Real or Ratchet?

Wudddupp lovers?! I know that this is coming to you a tad after our show but it’s better late than never, right? This past week we did our best to show some love and put on a little Valentine’s Day special. Smash not included.

We kicked things off with some new music from Roc Nation young gun, J Cole. Early last week he dropped a 5 song EP entitled ‘Truly Yours’. The extended play was a collection of some unreleased songs that aren’t gunna make his upcoming studio album, ‘Born Sinner’. The tracks were definitely classic Cole but we didn’t get a show stopper until he dropped his first official single a few hours before we went live. The song is called ‘Power Trip’ and it’s featuring R&B sensation, Miguel. It fits perfectly into our Valentines Day theme sooo check out the track here and make sure she don’t keep you up all night singing love songs…

Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure was a little different this week. Instead of playing the classic banger or tuuuurn up track, I went with something a little realer. If you know me, you know that I strikeout pretty often with the ladies. I had to spin the track ‘After The Party’ by underground rap duo Little Brother. The song is all about striking out with a fine lady and some typical recovery lines. #StoryOfMyLife . BUT, I also know that Kamo & Cutz can attest to this as well. Soooo even though it’s not a guilty pleasure, we are still guilty as charged. Check it out here.

The Realness was very lovey-dovey this week. I asked Kamo & Cutz if they thought love & hip-hop could co-exsist. In other words, I asked if couples could be genuine in this rap game. Sooo we played a little game I like to call ‘Real or Ratchet’. It’s actually easy to play. I compiled a list of current couples in hip-hop and asked the fellas if the relationship was real or ratchet. <— definitions included. Check out the list and our Valentine’s Day verdict:

Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa = Real

Remy Ma & Papoose = Ratchet

Chris Brown & Rihanna = potentially the most Ratchet

Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey = suprisingly Real

Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys = Real

Christina Milian & The Dream = Ratchet

Tyga & Blac Chyna = Ratchet

Ludacris & Eudoxie = Real (she’s a medical doctor)

Angela Simmons & Lil Romeo = Ratchet

A$AP Rocky & Iggy Azalea = Ratchet

Jim Jones & Chrissy Lampkin = Real

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian = I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger… Real

Jay-Z & Beyonce = the Realest

There yaaaa have it. We had a few scuffles deciding on verdict but I think this is fairly accurate. Agree? Disagree? Feel like one of these couples are realer than ratchet or vice versa? Let us know on Twitter @RLRapUp !

Verse of the Week was also Valentine’s day themed. Way back in first semester, we had The Naughty Prude (check her out on RadioLaurier every Tuesday night at 10pm) come on and judge ‘Sexiest Verse’. We switched it up a tad and went with ‘Best Love Verse’. Kamo, Cutz and I all picked a verse and let the listeners decide the winner. BUT HOLD UP! If The Naughty Prude tweeted in with a decision, that verse would automatically win. Naturally, I chose Hov’s first verse on ’03 Bonnie & Clyde, Cutz chose Cole’s first verse on ‘In The Morning’ and Kamo picked Andre 3000’s verse on Frank Ocean’s ‘Pink Matter’. Just when I thought I had it in the bag, The Naughty Prude came thru and gave it to Kamo. *face palm* Yet another loss for Glaysh… typical. Check out the best love verse right here.

But that is it for us this week. Check us out February 28th & yes… BRANTFORD WILL BE IN THE BUILDING! Do not miss the big homie DJ Dub as he brings in some of the bangin’ Brantford beat. Remember to hit us up on Twitter for any request and comments ——> @RLRapUp.




Peace, Love & The Ratchets at All-Star Weekend


Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here!
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Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here!

Hello friends,

This week was the first time in a long time that Kamo, Cutz and I have been in the studio together doin’ what we do best. This was a good week for hip-hop. Some new tunes dropped, some guns popped and some rumors stopped. (check the rhyme)

We kicked things off with Mr. OVO’s latest single. That’s right! Champagne Papi aka Drizzy aka wheelchair Jimmy aka Aubrey aka Drake dropped a new track off his upcoming third album. Its called ‘Started From the Bottom’ and boy, is it ever different. The song is produced by up and coming beatsmith Mike Zombie and has a really new sound. Drake doesn’t rap a whole loot but heavily repeats the chorus with a monotone flow. It is gunna be exciting to see what this new album sounds like. Yall can check out the track here.

We moved onto to some more “heavy” news. The boss himself, Rick Ross, was driving his Rolls Royce in Fort Lauderdale this past week and was shot at by unknown gunmen. The car crashed into a tree and the authorities were called. Luckily, no one was hurt. This isn’t Rick Ross’ life has been in jeopardy. He recently had to cancel the second leg of his MMG Tour due to death threats. Hip-hop OG, Uncle Luke, wrote an open letter to the big boss urging him to tone down his “gangster” persona. My favorite part is when he writes: “I don’t want you to fall into the trap of believing you are really a gangster.”  Check the full letter here. Hopefully Ross can squash his beefs and keep making those hits we all love. Plus, without Ross, Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure is practically donezo.

We also touched on this rumored Kanye album. A picture surfaced of an album tracklist and title which is supposedly going to be Yeezy’s upcoming project. It was called ‘Rich Black American” and had some features including Pusha T, Big Sean, Beyonce and Skrillex? Mr. West has yet to comment on it but fingers crossed we get it sooner than later. Yeezy yeezy how yaaaa doin’ huhhhh?!

GGP was a tough one this week. I was torn between a few classics but ended up going with the last king himself, Tyga. His song, with help from 2 Chainz, called ‘Do My Dance’ is a club killlaaaa. I heard it a few weeks ago at Phils and immediately fell in love. Check the ratchet video here.

Verse of the Week was heated this week. The theme was best independent rapper verse. Soooo this means that Kamo and Cutz had to pick the best verse from any rapper who isn’t signed to a major label. Of course Kamo picked Pro Era’s young gun, CJ Fly. His verse on ‘Overseas’ is definitely hot. Cutz picked cypher champ Dizzy Wright. His verse on ‘Cant Turst Em” could contend with hip-hop’s elite. I was FINALLY judging this week and couldn’t be happier. After much debating, I gave it to the homie Cutz and Dizzy Wright. Check out the official Verse of the Week and unsigned hype here.

We played some dope music from some local rappers too this week. Waterloo spitter, Kori Deek dropped a few tracks with us and we blasted ’em off. His song ‘Roads’ has been killing the local scene and his newest song ‘ImWrxng’ is definitely a banger. Download his stuff for free right here. We also played a new track from Kingston’s very own TheO. His song entitled ‘Be Here’ has a nice flow and even nicer lyrics. You can download his stuff for free here. #ListenLocal

We kicked the realness on something that has hip-hop in a craze. The Illuminati is something that has been a part of hip-hop culture for a long time. It started with Tupac and Biggie’s mysterious deaths and then escalated form there. If you aren’t familiar with what the Illuminati is, here is a crash course: The Illuminati is a group of people claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of something. In hip-hop, they supposedly the content, beefs, hits, deaths and successes. If you ask me… forget about it. There is no way there is some higher power controlling hip-hop. Just a bunch of nerds making up reasons as to why Obama and Jay-Z are friends. However, it would be cool to start your own Illuminati. We asked yall who you thought would be in the Illuminati if there were one. The obvious picks would be Jay, Ye, Beyonce and Kim K? Scratch that. Let us know on Twitter @RLRapUp who would be in your personal Illuminati. HiiiPoWer…

But, that’s it form us this week. Get at us next week when we take it down a notch and give yall some of that sensual flava. I mean after all, it is Valentines Day. Remember to follow us on Twitter (@RLRapUp) and hit us up for any requests!





Peace, Love & grinding for the first time.