Station Manager Hiring 2018

Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications is now hiring for Station Manager of Radio Laurier 2018-2019! Looking to jump-start your career in the music, media and radio broadcasting? In this position, you will gain invaluable experience working within the areas of radio programming, sports broadcasting, promotions and branding, fundraising and event planning, music processing, web design, journalism/news coverage, public relations and administrative skills. We are looking for a motivated, hard working individual who is a firm believer in the power of campus and community radio broadcasting; strong interpersonal, communication & organizational skills is also an asset to this position. The position is roughly 35 hours a week and salary paid. We welcome all WLU students and Waterloo community members to apply!

*If you have recently applied for a Radio Laurier Management position, sit tight! We’ve received your application, and once the Station Manager position is hired (April 5th), you will be contacted for an interview.*


Station Manager, Radio Laurier

Reports To: President, Executive Director

Supervises: Radio Laurier Management, DJ’s and General Volunteers

Term of Office: May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019 for 35 hrs/week

Job Description: Hired by the President/Publisher, the RL Station Manager is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of Radio Laurier. The Station Manager hires and supervises the work of all Radio Laurier volunteers.


  1. Responsible for hiring management team and overseeing the hiring process for general volunteers
  2. Ensure volunteers are oriented and trained
  3. Meet regularly with management team
  4. Facilitate Radio Laurier annual general meetings
  5. Manage all direct report staff and ensure the effective supervision of all staff and volunteers
  6. Ensure that Radio Laurier volunteers are informed of and complying with policy, code of conduct, etc.
  7. Facilitate regular professional development activities for Radio Laurier volunteers
  8. Oversee and participate in activities undertaken to recruit and orient new Radio Laurier staff and volunteers
  9. Conduct mid-year reviews for Management team and ensure/assist the Programming Chair with mid-year reviews for DJs.
  10. Prepare and manage the Radio Laurier department budget
  11. Attend all staff meetings unless due warning is provided to the President
  12. Attend all meetings and conferences as required by the President or Executive Director
  13. Work with the President to complete a Strategic Plan for Radio Laurier to be presented to the Board of Directors for approval at the last BOD meeting of the fiscal year
  14. Prepare a year-end transition report for the incoming Radio Laurier Station Manager
  15. Any other reasonable duties as required by the President

Application requirements:

  • Resume (1 page)
  • Platform (30 page maximum – page count will vary depending on how large the department is)
    A platform is your vision for the upcoming year. Include your goals for the publication, your experience/what you’ll bring to the role, departmental structure, capital asset improvements and any details you feel should be included in your document.

    • Clearly state your name, year of study, contact information and the position you are applying for on a cover page.
    • Clearly label the sections of your platform.
    • In your platform, clearly outline all positions and roles within the publication and their value within organization. As well, clearly state any changes you wish to implement within those positions or roles if applicable.

Applications for each position must be sent to In the subject line of your application email, please clearly state the position you are applying for. The submission period officially ends April 5th at 5:00PM.

Upon applying for a position, you will be contacted by Terrence Mroz, Incoming President and Publisher, to set an interview date/time.