Good Afternoon Listeners! Time for another Morning Show blog courtesy of your friendly Radio Laurier DJ Skandy. Today started just as any other Monday with Oracle and I chatting about our weekend escapades and what is happening today on both campuses. From there we provided a new take on the segment I Don’t Care where due to a lack of celebrity news today we incorporated Uber Facts via Twitter by listing off random facts from the feed and deemed whether they sounded like complete poppycock or plausible. Near the end of Oracle’s time in the studio today during How To we illustrated 6 ways to help Letting Your Imagination Run Away With You. This proved to be an interesting segment because coincidently the details of the list happened to be activities both Oracle and I participate in daily. Finally I would like to wish a happy birthday to Sir. Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Big Sean and everyone else who just so happen to be born today. In other daily news today happens to be home of the very tasty holidays Pecan Day and Waffle Day!

Thank you all for tuning in and don’t forget to wear your favorite purple attire tomorrow for Purple Day (epilepsy awareness day)!


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