Happy Valentines Day Goldenhdawks! DJs Skandy and Lunkis on this overcast yet romantically infused Morning Show. Today was all themed around the subject of love in all it’s complexity and majesty. Some of the highlights from today’s show were a list of 24 aphrodisiac foods courtesy of ehow.com which contained some surprising gastronomic information regarding the human anatomy’s reaction to aphrodisiac foods such as asparagus, basil and sea urchans. During What Grinds My Gears we had a special guest appearance of Autumn Smith from The Healthy Hawk who aided us in explaining that sometimes proper Valentines Day etiquette does not mean grand gestures and extravagant gifts. For some people Valentines Day is just a day to show one’s appreciation for their loved ones. Lastly, Skandy provided a little bit of history behind Valentines Day’s origin.

Thank you all for tuning in. Have a whimsical and/or romantic Valentines Day! Make this one memorable.


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