Hello friends. After a 5 year hiatus, DJ Sly has been zombified and reborn as DJ Razzmatazz to bring you the instrumental vibes of Technical Difficuties on Radio Laurier. After scouring the far edges of the earth, Razzmatazz is bound to bring new sounds to the TD lineup. Always on the lookout for new groovy tracks, Razzmatazz’s selections offer a wide variety of genres with one thing in common: no lyrics. 

Starting things off this week we had some Halloween themed music (of course) as well as some spicy summer songs to ease our transition into the cold months ahead. Razzmatazz is a firm believer in letting the music doing the talking so you can feel free to relax and get some work done while having the show on in the background. Be on the lookout for the more shows in the coming weeks with DJ Razz including ambient techno chillout and jumpy jazz week. Make sure to tune in Tuesdays at 5pm to catch all the groovy instrumental tunes of Technical Difficulties with DJ Razzmatazz. 

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