Tonight The Darcy’s will be my Artist spotlight! Last week we had Marlon Chaplin on doing a debut of his two new singles, Fossils and Annabelle + Someone. In keeping with the theme of last weeks interview, The Darcy’s are Canadian! The Darcy’s are from Toronto, which is incredibly cool that I am able to do another artist from our backyard this week! The Darcy’s have a very interesting sound, very similar to popular Indie bands. I have no doubt that these guys will be on the billboard charts in no time. Tune in at our regular time to learn a little bit more about these guys from Toronto! I am continuing with our two new segments, the ‘Now Playing’ function on Twitter and the ‘Take It Or Leave It’ section where I comment on a current political subject. Tune in at 8pm and stay until 10pm for the whole show!

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