As the title says, it is October 26th and I hope you’re going to tune in because do we ever have some killer indie and folk music for you! Tonight we have a very odd band for you to check out. They’re called Cold Weather Company, I like them a lot just because they have an alt folk feel to them. In a ton of their songs they feature a piano which I absolutely love. The Piano pared with and acoustic guitar gets me every time. Cold Weather Company gets straight to my feels everyone, I hope they’ll get to yours too!


  • Marlon Chaplin – Conviction
  • Brown Bird – Bow for Blade
  • Tim Atlas – Wanderer
  • Rudderless – Over your Shoulder
  • Cold Weather Company – Fellow in the North
  • Cold Weather Company – Wide eyed
  • Cold Weather Company – Garden
  • Cold Weather Company – Inside your Eyes
  • Cold Weather Company – Horizon Fire
  • Cold Weather Company – Steer
  • Cold Weather Company – Jasmine
  • Cold Weather Company – Tumbling
  • Cold Weather Company – Fall Low
  • Cold Weather Company – Recollection
  • The Getbye – Groove Train
  • The Fratellis – Dogtown
  • Cage the Elephant – Portuguese Knife Fight
  • Paper Lions – Don’t Touch that Dial
  • Bears Den – Above the Clouds of Pompeii
  • The Elwins – You Have Me
  • Birdtalker – Graveclothes
  • Alt J – Left Hand Free
  • Brown Bird – Needy Generator
  • Bears Den – A Year Ago Today
  • Scenic Route to Alaska – Taking its Toll
  • East Love – Straight Lines
  • Rudderless – Real friends
  • Alt J – Every Other Freckle
  • Cinders – I Could do Better
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