Well Laurier, it’s been quite a ride on Brostep with MP3G.  From September to April, we have all seen some big events and changes in EDM, from the announcement of Daft Punk’s new album, to the announcement of the break up of Swedish House Mafia.  It has been quite a year and you guys have all made my experience this year unforgettable!  I’ll be back again next year, to bring you the latest and greatest in the EDM world.  Until next time…


Rage Hard



Mack Gilmour

Hey everybody my name is Mack Gilmour, otherwise known as MP3G (pronounced em-pehg), and I'm a first year Comm. Studies Major here at Laurier. I've grown up with a slight obsession with music and technology, so my interest in DJing was only natural. I began to DJ in high school, practising nearly every night. My hobby eventually led to employment opportunities as I was hired as a DJ at school dances at my high school. I eventually got hired as the Friday night DJ at a local pub called King Henry's Arms, Uxbridge. Through DJing, I've gained another slight obsession, this time over Electronic Dance Music.My show is called "Brostep", and you can listen to it every Wednesday night from 11PM-1AM. The name "Brostep" is the name that Europeans use to classify what we consider dubstep in North America. Dubstep is a sub-genre of Electronic Dance Music, which originated in Europe in the late 20th century and has been becoming increasingly popular in North America in the 2000's. Fronted by American and Canadian artists like deadmau5 and Skrillex, Electronic Dance Music has made its way into the mainstream, developing its own culture.In my show, I discuss new releases and news in Electronic Dance Music. I include genres like Dubstep, Electro-House, Progressive House, Glitch Hop, Electronica, and many more because there are so many sub-genres. I also discuss upcoming concerts and shows featuring EDM artists in the K-W and GTA. I end my show by DJing a live mix, which I later post on my soundcloud.Feel free to like me on Facebook (under "MP3G"), or follow me on Twitter (@MP3G_music). I post news relating to the show, and artists or songs you should listen to. My live mixes can be found at, keep those fists pumping, and tune in every Wednesday :)

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