Welcome to’s event page! Here at the station we host some amazing events throughout the year. Check out our upcoming events below, and check our Facebook page for more information.

Dirty Bingo

When? October 19, 2017 (6:30-9:30PM)

Where? Chainsaw

Description: Do you love drinking beer with friends and playing bingo for prizes courtesy of your local stag and smoke shops? Us too! Join us this upcoming Thursday for one of the best nights you’ll have all semester! Dirty Bingo has been a Waterloo favourite for years and it just keeps getting better. Arrive early as the first group will receive a small door prize!







Radio Laurier’s Annual Hip-Hop Hangout

When? Late January, 2018

Where? TBA

Description: Every year Radio Laurier host’s a concert at a local venue in Waterloo, with performances by Hip-Hop and R&B artists from all over Ontario! The event features live performances, live painting, giveaways/prizes (last year was Raptor’s tickets!), freestyles, rap battles, and poetry. Contact us regarding performances!¬†Stay tuned for further details.