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Radio Laurier’s The Morning Show brings you local updates in the areas of entertainment, community news, sports, and all things Wilfrid Laurier University. We are interview-friendly, and on the air between the hours of 9am-11am on Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays. Have breakfast with us, and go to lunch after leaving us. We encourage you to get on up!

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A flame in your heart – 01/12/11

Hey Goldenhawks, Lunkis here from the Morning Show!

It’s been a cool Thursday morning, bringing you some good music with DJ CP and DJ Marcay. We tried to stick to a theme of Women in music today, which went pretty well (although we trailed off into the 50s after a while)

In terms of content, it was a pretty ‘lax show, though we touched on a number of important issues, mainly womens issues, thus the theme of women in music.

Anyways, this has been ONE of the last morning shows of the year, and definitely enjoyable, and I can’t wait to see you guys next term!

Morning Show Love!
– Luke “Lunkis” Schulz

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that morning sky gave me a look 11/30/11

Good Morning!

Today on the Morning Show was the last day of MOVEMBER. Some girls might be happy to see an end to these mustaches, but I will definitely miss them.

We talked about the 2012 Grammy Nomination ceremony taking place tonight & gave you an update on the world of NHL.

In other news, people are beginning to predict the due date of Beyonce & Jay-z’s first child! Reports say it will happen some time near the end of December so stay tuned!

Song of the Day was Valerie by The Zutons! You might know the Amy Winehouse cover, but check out the original



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The Best Day EVER!! LIVE!

The Morning Show was Live in the Concourse this morning supporting the PingPong tournament for KidsSport Canada…So that all kids can play! Come play some PingPong, it is on all day! Challenge the Radio DJs if you dare 🙂

Nick Gibson came for a chat and Winter Carnival representative Jordan informed us about the DUB-C dets. Check is out here Still time to make a team for the rowdy fun week in January!


Much Love from The Morning Show

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Half in love with Elizabeth – 24/11/11

Hey dudes and dudettes, Lunkis here from the morning show hanging out with Marcayy and DJCP, been having a good time just kicking back and listening to some good tunes!

Today’s featured artist happened to be none other that Imogen Heap, followed by our song(s) of the day, courtesy of Be Your Own pet. And I have to say, how could you not like a song entitled “Zombie Graveyard Party”?

Definitely make sure to check out our live broadcast in the concourse tomorrow, 9-12PM and let us know if you would like to hear any sort of tunage! Also, we’ll be selling some baked good to raise funds for RadioLaurier! So come on down!

Take care kiddies!
– DJ Lunkis

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I Can Talk

Hola, this is DJ Airplane coming at you with the latest Morning Show news. Today so far has been an interesting show – covering Crosby’s comeback, the Leafs sporadic good performances, our last Turret night of the semester (December 3rd) and of course some Bieber news (No, the baby is not his).

Our featured artist of the day was Craig Cardiff, a folk/acoustic artist who will be playing at Maxwell’s on King Street December 10th!
If you liked what you heard here’s a link to his myspace:

We also did a little retro respect regarding old video games for n64 like Mario Party and Goldeneye and had a nice talk about Pokemon to wrap up the show.

Hope you guys have a great day! Laterr

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Hippo Milk Is Pink! Courtesy of The Morning Show 11/21/11

Good morning everyone, Skandy here! Just writing a quick blog before our busy day here on the morning show. We have two interviews today! One with a winter carnival participant at roughly 10:30 and another with Folk-Rock singer Charlotte Cornfield. Other than that we have all your usual favourite segments on The Morning Show today such as five minutes of fun, what grinds my gears and DJ double shots! All being connected with awesome music. Stay tuned and have a wicked day!

DJ Skandy