Skanking at the Edge of the Universe

Skanking at the Edge of the Universe


Hey there listeners/fans, I know I am a bit late on the post but have no fear because it is here now.

So I bet you are wondering what went down on the show last week – and you would be right to do so. It was amazing – We looked at a new type of ska/hip-hop fusion based music. Leading the way was the Mad Conductor, a MC based ska band coming from the swamps of New Orleans, he is the rudest of all rude boys. Check some of that music out on YouTube or my show on Friday, next up was those little scamps in the band kid british – a sort of calypso/R&B sound that is the next most comparable, their sweet sultry tones ease me into a good mood every time I listen.

Now here I sit, studying for exams, and I know you will be soon as well, so what does this mean for you and I. It means that next show will be all about slower, smooth ska, getting into exam season soon, ambient music becomes the best study tool. Nothing that is going to make you want to dance or jump around, but something very subtle – so tune in next week for some non-lyrical ska and some more ambient tones!

EZ – out


2 Weeks of Skanking


It has been a crazy couple weeks on the show, a week ago I did not even get to have a full show (only about 15 mins) so there was a lack of blogging there. BUT NOT I’M GONNA MAKE UP FOR IT.

Let’s start with some band suggestions from the last couple weeks. Definitely check out the skatalites, the skanksters and the toasters, these were my featured bands of the last couple weeks and totally worth a listen.

There is some sweet shows going on in KW in the next couple weeks. Check out this brand new website in order to find out all the shows coming to Waterloo in the next couple months.





Whattup ska lovers,

This week saw some super awesome new ska bands premier on the show, had some really skariginal stuff on the show. Featured some five iron frenzy and big D and the kids table.

Found a brand new entry song by the Tokyo ska orchestra and came up with a brand new anthem for Canada, we needed it.

But in other ska news, keep your earballs open for an upcoming interview (which is in the works).

Not much going on in the local scene at the moment so there are no live shows coming up to report.




It’s a bit late for a top ten of 2012 but here was mine from this week

Less Than Jake – Greetings and Salutations from Less Than Jake

   Okay, this first one might be contested. It is simply an LP made up of Less Than Jake’s two previous EPs, “Greetings from Less Than Jake,” and “Seasons Greetings from Less Than Jake.” The band’s output is, if anything, massive. The amount of releases that the group has is enormous, and are all of varying quality. This album has an awesome yin-yang thing going on, which makes sense when comparing the contrasting EPs. It meshes their classic ska-punk style with their newer pop-punk sound in a way that sounds fresh and relevant. This release proves that this group is celebrating their 20th year with a bang!

The Specials – More… or Less: The Specials Live

   With the group currently touring North America, this album is a perfect memento or teaser for those lucky enough to catch any of their gigs. The album is a compilation of live recordings from the group’s 2011 UK tour, and what a track list they’ve assembled for this album! Over 26 tracks of live, Specials goodness with audience noise and participation adding to the overall experience. For those looking to rekindle memories of the original two-tone movement or discovering it for the first time, you can’t go wrong with this album.

The Beatdown – Walkin’ Proud

   This might be my personal favourite release of 2012. The garage-rock production really fits the band’s motif and they’ve produced some of the catchiest songs ever. The mix of reggae and skinhead sounds 1960s rock’n’roll is amazing!  Alex and co. have really perfected their craft on this record. This is certainly a record for music-heads worldwide.

Reel Big Fish – Candy Coated Fury

   Reel Big Fish are back in a big way! Candy Coated Fury saw the group make a triumphant return to form and is perhaps one of their best albums to date. Their classic ska-pop-punk style is in full swing and the lyrics and subject matter are just as bitter and jaded than ever. This is the album that longtime fans have been waiting for and the perfect jumping on point for those new to the group or who haven’t listened to them in over a decade. It’s fun, angry, and ska-tastic!

Jimmy Cliff – Rebirth

   The title says it all: this album rockets Jimmy Cliff back on top of the ska genre with a selection of songs that could have been released back during his prime. This short album was produced by Tim Armstrong and features some of today’s best musicians backing up the legendary performer. The album oozes coolness with some amazing ska, reggae, and rocksteady tracks. The stellar production and soul poured into this album really shine through and make this one of 2012’s best albums.

The Slackers – The Radio

   Perhaps more than other genres, 3rd-wave ska bands generally do poor service to covers. Generally they are doing them in some sort of ‘ironic’ fashion or produce a very poor rendition of the original. Here, we’ve got some classic rock and pop songs stripped to their core, their essence, and built back up with a little help from some ‘Jamaican rock’n’roll’. The Slackers have produced a great album with some classic versions to hear. They NYC-ska style is in full effect and each track pays proper homage to the original while adding The Slacker’s unique sound.

Voodoo Glow Skulls – Break the Spell

   Voodoo Glow Skulls can be quite a divisive band in the ska community. Some love their blazen hardcore-punk style while others find it more of a hinderance. While their take on ska isn’t what I find myself listening to most of the time, they are certainly the best group I’ve ever heard at putting together these elements into a cohesive package. Some have noted this album’s mixing and production as a negative, but I see it more of the band showcasing their routes. While they’ve had release on some of the larger indie labels out there, this album was put out through a smaller company and really show the band putting the music and their ethos first.

The JB Conspiracy – The Calm

   The JB Conspiracy is a fairly new group, but is quickly making a name for itself in the ska world. At first listen they seem to take the best frantic elements from various Tomas Kalnoky projects (mostly Catch 22 and Streetlight Manifesto) and ground them with other 3rd-wave acts. Their music is energetic and honest. This short EP bursts out of your speakers with each track becoming instantly memorable. If you’re looking for new acts offering up some fresh ska, check out this EP.

Madness – Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da

   Strange title aside, this album rocks! Much like The Specials, Madness have found themselves back in the game in a big way. While some older groups try to stay relevant by changing their sound or following trends, Madness have released one of 2012’s best albums by sounding exactly as awesome as they did in the late 70s and early 80s. A few reggae tracks pop up here and there, but for the most part this album is pure two-tone and pop goodness. Their iconic style is represented perfectly and should prove to anyone that they’ve still got what it takes to make some of Ska’s best tunes.

 Tim Timebomb – Rock and Roll Theater

This is something that I don’t think received as much press as it should have. Tim Armstrong took some time to really develop the ideas that were started with his solo album. The album is a great mix of punk and ska tunes done in the way that only Armstrong can deliver. Perhaps even more amazing than the album itself are the singles that came out of this project. Featuring an incredible cast of musical performers, Tim produced some outstanding originals and covers. The likes of Elvis Costello, The Specials, Bob Dylan, and Fugazi receive the Timebomb treatment and offer some of the most creative tunes of 2012.


Locally Inclined

Locally Inclined

On this weeks show we focused on all things local, featuring bands such as:

Ill Scarlett


Urkel and the Winslows

I also wanted to talk about the Johnstones but there were a couple issues that kept me from doing that (march madness basketball and a rant that included the downfall of music as we know it). But regardless it was a great show. The best part about this show is that I get to find new music as well as show it to you guys – and boy did I find some great stuff. My favorite band of the week has to be Demonwaffle – and get stoked listeners, an interview with them for next week is in the works!!!

Now I will leave you with one of my all time favorites: The Planet Smashers – All Men Fear Women



Hey there skanatics,

Sorry for the post delay but dealing with internet issues leads to hard times for me. But lets get down to the nitty gritty – this week one the show we focused on the most famous ska bands of all time and how they became famous. Playing interviews from several of the bands describing how they influenced the ska world. We looked at:

The Planet Smashers

Reel Big Fish

Streetlight Manifesto

Discussing how important they were to the third and fourth wave movements. There was a lot more discussion than music this week, so I will leave you with a new discovery of mine instead of a relay of the show.

VOOOODDOOOOO MOOOOOON: Voodoo Moon formed in 2005 in Berlin and has been in its present formation since the beginning of 2008. Combining traditional jamaican with modern styles of ska-jazz, reggae and rocksteady, these eight musicians have found their own distinctive sound.
In the summer of 2008, the first album was recorded and was released December 19th, 2008: „Get On!“ is an invitation to hop on the Voodoo train!