Canadian core duo Ruby Kato Attwood and Alaska B of Yamantaka come together to create new album “Sonic Titan”, showcasing the bands smooth progression, leaving the door wide open to any progressive metal/ no-wave style lovers. Initially starting as an experimental art project, this band has transformed into a rock-opera incorporating gongs, eerie melodies, and delirious synth lines, creating some of the raddest new music in Canada. Drawing inspiration from Attwood’s Japanese descent and Alaska B’s Chinese background, the pair incorporates heavy metal, anime, Buddhist philosophy and a lot of face paint in live performance. Be sure to put these guys on your must-see list. If you can’t make a concert, settle for a dark room and the heavy bass and tribal vocals of “One”, comparable to A Tribe Called Red’s sound styling. With Grimes’ backing this bands reputation it’s safe to say you can’t go wrong checking out the new album. Essential tracks include the calming “SeaSickness, Pt 1 and melodiously eerie “Windflower”.

Watch the official video for “One” here

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