Ilan Bluestone just might be my new favorite producer. With his newest release on “Above & Beyonds” mega Label “Anjunabeats” the “Big Ben” EP is sure to do some serious floor damage. He has three songs on the EP “Big Ben,” “Waves of L.A.,” and “Elysian” all of which are amazing tracks. All three songs hold a vast array of melodies and big drops for trance or house lovers to enjoy. The feature track “Big Ben” has an amazing progression, starting out with a heavy kick and then a deep bassline; it’s exactly what any edm fan wants. At first, I was worried in not knowing how trance, electro, and progressive house would all fit together, but he has made it work like magic. “Big Ben” being more on the trance-electro side and the other more the progressive side; you really get a nice blend of music that compliments each other. When listening to all three songs back-to-back, you notice how smoothly one plays after another, giving you that euphoria that you feel in a crowd at a huge concert or festival before the big drop – pure happiness. You can tell that serious work went into making these pieces, and Ilan’s hard work has paid off. What more he will bring to 2014, I’m not sure, but Ilan Bluestone is one serious producer to watch out for. With festival season just around the corner, the “Big Ben” EP is gonna be seriously ‘Big’.

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