It is no secret that I am biased when it comes to Great Bloomers. The five piece from Toronto captured me as soon as I heard their 2009 debut full-length Speak of Trouble. Combining elements of country-tinged pop and rock guitar, in my eyes they could do no wrong. The October 2012 release Distant Fires is as the first track states – “Something More”. Although filled with similar ambiguous lyrics, light harmonies, and catchy melodies, Distant Fires clearly shows immense musical growth and development. This is evident merely by the vocal development of frontman Lowell Sostomi, who with each release seems to gain another dimension becoming more prominent in the mix. Personal standout tracks include “Any New Lover’s Prey”, “Sunday Clothes”, and “Slowly In Your Gaze” and mark a new stage in the bands life, looking forward. On the other hand, the final track “Fear Will Make A Fool of You” is a testament to the old style of Speak of Trouble.  All in all, Distant Fires is a sensible progression for Great Bloomers even if they do seem to be shying away from their country-tinged roots. I guess that is just their version of growing up.

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