Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion of Cults manage to channel their break up into an album of romantic desperation. After the two piece New York retro-pop group ended their 4 year relationship they’ve managed to release this second album, entitled ‘Static’. Unfortunately, it’s downright lethargic. Follin delivers her trademark sweet indie vocals through gritted teeth, but they leave listeners in a coma. The lyrics are tired, each song seems to plod to an end, the hooks not really making up for it. It’s safe to say you’re better off browsing the dollar record bin at the Sally Ann. Flaws and all, it’s got to be said that Cults is creating a sound that is truly unique to anything else out there. Although nothing on this album will compare to the hit “Go Outside” from the Cults album, listeners may enjoy tracks like “I Can Hardly Make You Mine”, and “Were Before” especially if you’re into gloomy 60‘s breakup music. Check out “Go Outside” here. Check out the Static Album here

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