Please Don’t Be a Creep- Real Talk Episode 5

Please Don’t Be a Creep- Real Talk Episode 5

Hi y’all! Thank you for listening to this week’s episode of Real Talk – the show where we talk about dating, relationships, and all the lovely and horrible experiences we’ve had with them. It’s your girl Ranita, Steph (most likely) says hi.

As for check-ins about our own love lives, Steph got stood up again, which sucks. She does have another date lined up though, so hopefully that guy will show up. Our fingers are crossed for her.

In regards to me, Jonny and I had our third date. He stayed the night. We got a little drunk and he went through my Tinder. He spoke to one of my matches on my behalf; the outcome was pretty hilarious. (Jonny and I have actually ended things since we recorded but tune in next week to hear about that!)

This week’s episode was about catcallers, creeps, and peoples’ weird obsession with body parts. Interesting stuff.

Creepiest Stories

We mostly just spent this show talking about all our horror stories. Here’s the gist of it.

The first creepy guy I dealt with was someone who almost followed me home off the bus. I was 14 years old, and he sat near me and my friend. He tried to have a conversation with us, and I don’t like being rude so I just smiled and nodded. He took this to mean I was flirting and asked for my number. He also hinted that he’d like to take me out sometime. I said no thank you but he kept pushing. When we finally got to my stop, I got off. He also got off at my stop, but I didn’t realize until my friend was by my side. She had seen him get off and was afraid he was going to follow me home so she got off at my stop as well to make sure I got home safely. Thank god for that. I could’ve wound up on CP24.

When Steph was in grade 10, she was walking down the street. She was just on her way to meet a friend at Tim Horton’s, which was across the street from where she was. While she was waiting to cross at the lights, this guy two cars down yelled out of his car at her. He said something along the lines of “hey baby, want a ride? Don’t be scared hun! We can help you out!” Not creepy at all, totally normal behaviour. Anyways, Steph kept walking past the Tim Horton’s until she was sure this guy was gone. Only then did she feel safe enough to turn back around and go to Tim Horton’s like she had originally planned.

Women, in particular, have been taught from birth to not be attacked. Steph and I were talking about all the precautions we have to take just to feel safe. For example, my mother signed me up for self-defence once I turned 13 just to “be on the safe side.” We also discussed how we both start thinking of safety plans as soon as a man becomes pushy with us. Like one time, I was on the bus (again) and this guy asked for my number and I said no and ran away, because of my previous experience when I was 14. Immediately I started forming a plan in my head. If he was also on the bus, I wasn’t going to get off at my stop. I would take it all the way to the terminal and go to the library and Dad could come pick me up when he got off work, which wouldn’t be until 4:30, but that’s fine because I know the librarian and she would make sure that I was safe, and everything would be fine.

That being said, we aren’t insinuating that all men are attackers. We don’t know how to tell the difference between the creeps and the decent guys. Therefore, we are cautious with all of you because we don’t want to wind up in an uncomfortable situation. To us, men are creepy until proven otherwise. We don’t mean this in a rude way, but that’s the world we live in. We don’t think it’s going to change any time soon. Especially when people are out there voting for a creep to be their president (cough).

The Butts vs. Boobies Debate

When did this whole thing even start? What is the point of it? We don’t understand at all.

Nowadays it seems like everybody is obsessed with a girl’s booty. We’re confused because back in the day people were into breasts. As two girls lacking bootys (booties?), we’re not into it.

Also, Steph pointed out that the size of someone’s butt is mostly determined by genetics. We’ve both been told that if we just did some squats we’d have a nice behind. We disagree. We’ve tried. Thank you very much.

And like, butts aren’t even that interesting. You sit on them. What’s so great about that?

Couples of the Week

Steph’s couple of the week is Brant Daugherty and Kimberly Hidalgo. Steph thinks they’re cute together. I had to google them both because I have no idea who these people are. Brant played Noel Khan on Pretty Little Liars and competed in Dancing with the Stars, which is probably why he looks vaguely familiar.

My couple of the week is Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. Honestly, these two are just winning at life. Their family Halloween pictures are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Harper and Gideon are blessed to have such cool parents.

Songs of the Week

Steph’s song of the week is Find What You’re Looking For by Olivia O’Brien. It’s very relatable for her at the moment. It’s all about how we shouldn’t be trying to give people what they want, because we don’t want to be used and thrown away. Instead, this song is about wishing people well and hoping they find what they’re looking for rather than trying to change yourself to meet someone’s needs. (I hope that makes sense. I haven’t actually listened to the song myself, I’m just going off what Steph’s told me.)

My song of the week is Don’t Take the Money by Bleachers. I’m obsessed with Bleachers, I think Jack Antonoff is so talented. The song itself is about sticking with someone through the tough parts of a relationship, and not “taking the money” pretty much. Check it out. (Honestly, just listen to the whole album, Gone Now, it’s fantastic.)


Also!!! I finally made a Spotify playlist of our songs of the week! Check it out:

(Sadly I couldn’t put Dress by Taylor Swift on there, but I sang it on air so I’m sure y’all got your fix that way.)

Peace Out

That’s the rundown of this week’s show. Hopefully you enjoyed it. We’ll be back next Tuesday at 7pm. Not sure what next week’s topic is so tune in to find out!

Once again, thanks to Radio Laurier for giving us this awesome opportunity. We appreciate having a platform to discuss all the creepiness we’ve experienced over the past two decades.

Lastly, if you want to get in contact with us you can tweet us @PlaidCheesecake and @stephwillmore. If you want to e-mail me you can do that at virk9200 (at) mylaurier (dot) ca. Cheers, we hope you come back next week!

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