We Haven't Learned Much – Real Talk Episode 3

We Haven't Learned Much – Real Talk Episode 3

Hi y’all! Thank you for coming back for this week’s episode of Real Talk – the show where we talk about dating, relationships, and all the lovely and horrible experiences we’ve had with them. Ranita here. Steph says hi.

This week’s show was all about our childhoods and the experiences we had with “dating” back then. That was back when Steph was a “fat kid” and there were rumours that I was a lesbian. I’m sorry to say we haven’t learned much since then.

As for updates in our own love lives, I’m still seeing Jonny (he prefers that to Jonathan so they’re the same person, just to be clear, hopefully you’ll be hearing about him every week). He’s great. He kicked my butt at Mario Kart, as much as I hate to admit it. It’s a good time, I probably don’t deserve him. I also want to give him a shout out because he’s probably reading this and I really appreciate that. Steph’s a huge fan too, so let’s see how long this lasts.

Steph says boys suck and she hates them. So, that about sums up what her love life is like right now. Yay for being at completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

Steph’s First Crush

 Steph’s first crush was on a young man named Mitchell. They were on the same soccer team, and Steph really liked him. She was at the point where she was planning the birth of their child and writing about him in her diary. She did also interact with him in real life. They hung out at a mutual friend’s house once, and she brought over Raise Your Voice (the film with Hilary Duff) and Mitchell said he was a fan. They did not end up watching the movie, and Steph somehow got over the crush.

Ranita’s First Crush

My first crush was on Josh. Our mothers worked together so I think I actually met him before school started. Either way, I had a crush on him for 8 years, which is longer than I’ve had any other crush. He was a hockey player, and he was funny and popular. Those became recurring themes in my future crushes. Towards the end of elementary school I decided to tell him about my feelings (like he didn’t already know). I wrote him some poetry, and my life dreams (being a treasure hunter like Nicholas Cage in National Treasure) and left it in his backpack. I was hoping to be cute and anonymous but he knew it was me. He asked to keep it though, so I’m going to assume he kept it for memories and not to make fun of me with his friends.

Steph’s 24 Hour Relationship

Steph and have both had 24 hour (not even) long relationships. Steph’s happened when a boy asked her out over MSN (back when that was a thing). She said yes because she had been dared to by a friend. She then left the computer because she had something to do. However, while she was gone her sister went on the computer and typed “poop” to this boy. When Steph got back the guy said their relationship was over because of what Steph had supposedly typed. Steph was mad and yelled at her sister, which is fair in this situation I think. Later, Steph learned that the friend who dared her to say yes had also dared the boy who asked her out to do that. Thus, this relationship was never meant to last.

Ranita’s 24 Hour Relationship

As for my 24 hour relationships, I had a crush on this boy in my grade 6 class. He was new to the school, so of course I was into his mysterious allure (he was 12, what am I talking about?). He rejected me, which was to be expected. I got over it relatively quick, went back to crushing on Josh. But then, Mr. Mysterious decided that he was actually into me. I felt bad for him, I mean he’d missed out the first time around, I may as well give him a second chance. We got together, the next day was Valentine’s Day. Because our relationship was so sudden, I didn’t get him a gift. This made him very angry, as he had got me a heart shaped box of Lindt chocolates. If you know me, you know I don’t like disappointing people. I told my “boyfriend” I couldn’t get him a gift because my parents were fighting and I was afraid they were going to get divorced (not a complete lie). He let it go, until third recess. He sent a friend to break up with me for him. I went to find him and break up with him first. We had a very dramatic screaming match on the playground, and then never spoke to each other again.

Songs of the Week

My favourite segment!!! Songs of the week!! I think our songs this week are pretty representative of our love lives at the current moment.

My song is Begin Again by Taylor Swift. One of her older and slower songs, but still pretty good. Very relevant. (I kind of want to change it since Reputation has dropped since we recorded this week’s episode, but I’ll do that next week. Be prepared for a lot of Taylor Swift.)

Steph’s song of the week is Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld. We both agree this is the perfect song for breakups and almost breakups, or pretty much any situation when you’re upset and need something to cheer you up.


Peace Out

That’s our show for this week. We will be back next Tuesday at 7pm – we haven’t yet decided next week’s topic, so it’ll be a surprise for both of us!

Once again, thanks to Radio Laurier for giving us this awesome opportunity. We appreciate having a platform to discuss all our dating fails.

Lastly, if you want to get in contact with us you can tweet us @PlaidCheesecake and @stephwillmore. If you want to e-mail me you can do that at virk9200 (at) mylaurier (dot) ca. Cheers y’all, we hope you come back next week!

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