What in the heck is “turkey dumping”? – Real Talk Episode 2

What in the heck is “turkey dumping”? – Real Talk Episode 2

Hi y’all! Thank you for coming back for the second episode of Real Talk – the show where we talk about dating, relationships, and all the lovely and horrible experiences we’ve had with them. It’s your girl Ranita again, and Steph is in the room as I write this. She says hi.

This week’s show was about a lot of things. We discussed cuffing season, swipe culture, and good old turkey dumping. Fun stuff.

In terms of our own love lives I have met a lovely wonderful perfect (he deserves all the great adjectives in the world) person, Jonathan, and I’m hoping I don’t mess things up with him. Knowing me, I probably will. I would also like to take this opportunity to correct myself – on air I said that Jonathan has grey eyes, he has green eyes, I lied, I’m sorry. (They’re very pretty, I’ve had the opportunity to see them in person. I’ll talk about that more next week.) As for Steph, she discussed her date from last week, in which she was treated to heated seats and Starbucks; two things she loves.

Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is upon us! For those of you who don’t know, cuffing season lasts from November to March. It’s the time of year when single people decide to get into relationships because they don’t want to be lonely for the winter holidays. My understanding was that these couples break up before Valentine’s Day because they don’t want to buy each other gifts, but Steph says some of them make it to March. I trust her knowledge more than mine.

Steph and I do not participate in cuffing season. We think it’s silly to get into a relationship out of fear of being lonely. If someone happens to find a relationship during this period, good for them! But we don’t understand the point of actively seeking out a relationship when you wouldn’t normally. As single people seeking long-term relationships we are also hesitant of dating people around this time, because who knows if they’re looking to cuff or they want something that’ll last? If you’re into cuffing season, that’s awesome. If you’re not into cuffing season, that’s awesome too. Do what makes you happy.

Here is an article if you want to read more about it.

Swipe Culture

Cuffing season really boils down to swipe culture, in a sense. Because of the nature of dating apps, we have come to think of people as disposable. Steph pointed out that when you swipe “no” on someone on Tinder, it looks like you’re throwing them in the trash, which is kind of true.

We think this has to do with our generation’s fear of commitment. A lot of us spend our time on these dating apps, and casually seeing people, because we think something better might come along. This makes us hesitant to settle down. I’ve experienced it myself. This is difficult because now that Steph and I are both looking for something a bit more serious it’s hard to distinguish the good people from the bad. A lot of people go on Tinder and just mindlessly swipe in order to pass the time. We respect those people but they’re not what we’re looking for.

20 Boyfriends = 20 iPhones?

Steph found this interesting article she wanted to share with everyone.

This woman found 20 guys who were interested in her. Then she convinced every single one of them to buy her an iPhone. Then she sold all of those 20 iPhones and used the money to buy a house…

I can barely find one guy who actually likes me.

Turkey Dumping 

Steph thought turkey dumping was an event where people got together and shot a turkey out of a cannon. That is not accurate.

Turkey dumping is a term that explains when first year couples, as in couples that are together from high school, break up around Thanksgiving because they find the long distance to be too much. This primarily relates to American Thanksgiving, not Canadian Thanksgiving. But the idea is the same, I’m sure Canadian couples do this too. Can’t relate because no one wanted to date me in high school.

Non-Sexual Turn Ons

Prompted by Steph’s date where the young man put on his heated seats for her, we decided to discuss our non-sexual turn ons. Steph’s are the aforementioned heated seats, when guys hold doors open for you, and very nice smiles.

Mine include smelling good and witty banter. I think it’s special when I can text someone and be silly and they get my sense of humour (S/O to Jonathan, love you babe). I also really enjoy holding hands with people and when they rub their thumb over the back of your hand. I don’t know how to describe it. I hope that makes sense. It probably doesn’t.

Couples of the Week

My couple of the week is David Dobrik and Liza Koshy! I think they’re super cute and I love them both. Steph’s couple is Ansel Elgort and Violetta Komyshan. They were high school sweethearts and their relationship is actual goals. (Check out Ansel’s instagram page if you don’t believe me.)

Advice Nobody Asked For

We also included some advice that none of you asked for. You’re welcome.

We believe that girls can pay on dates, we can ask the guy out first, and we can make the first move. This is assuming we’re talking about heterosexual relationships. Then again, I can’t get anyone regardless of gender, so I am probably not the best person to ask for advice…then again, you didn’t ask. That’s the whole point of this segment.

Songs of the Week

We closed the show with our songs of the week. Steph’s is Don’t You Forget About Me by Robinson. It’s a bop.

Mine is Feelings by Hayley Kiyoko. Hayley is my queer icon and I think she’s amazing. Feelings is a great song, and I can totally relate to it at the current moment. The music video is great too; it was shot all in one take. Love it.


Peace Out

That’s our show for this week. We will be back next Tuesday at 7pm – tune in to hear us talk about our childhood stories. (We haven’t learned much since then.)

Once again, thanks to Radio Laurier for giving us this awesome opportunity. We appreciate having a platform to discuss all our dating fails.

Lastly, if you want to get in contact with us you can tweet us @PlaidCheesecake and @stephwillmore. If you want to e-mail me you can do that at virk9200 (at) mylaurier (dot) ca. Cheers y’all, we hope you come back next week!





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