Week 3.2 – January 23, 2017
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Week 3.2 – January 23, 2017

The entire After Class squad was back in the studio this week. There was a lot to talk about, yet not much; it was a lot of the same stuff that spread over the course of several days (like the fog that loomed after the Trump inauguration).

Speaking of, let’s start with that. The President (who has only been in office for three full days) has openly revoked the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is one of former president Barack Obama’s signature initiative, joining together twelve nations in total.

Image source: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/womens-march-on-washington-goesglobal/article33696482/

In protest of President Donald Trump, millions of women (and also men) around the world joined in the #womensmarch in support of pro-choice and in peaceful protest of Trump’s anti-abortion agenda. Although it is a tricky subject, all three of us agree that having a child should be a choice for both men and women. Men have a right and responsibility to parent, and women have the right of responsibility of those same things, plus successfully giving birth. It calls into question the choices that people have, particularly victims of sexual assault.

In more local and slightly less serious news, Beta Nightclub has officially closed its doors. No word yet on what is to become of the old theatre turned one of the best clubs in the world turned… relic? Although we feel for those who were stakeholders (i.e. owners, employees), we can’t say we’ll miss the place.

This week’s track list is as follows:

  1. “Nights” – Frank Ocean
  2. “Sunset Lover” – Petit Biscuit
  3. “Burning Man” – Post Malone
  4. “Fresh” – Lil Uzi Vert
  5. “Wild Child” – Lupe Fiasco ft. Jake Torrey
  6. “Money Ain’t A Thang” – Jermaine Dupri ft. Jay-Z
  7. “Bad and Boujee” – Migos
  8. “Moonrock” – DVBBS ft. Juicy J

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The Morning After feat. Joseph Small
The Morning Show/The Morning Show

The Morning After feat. Joseph Small

This week on The Morning After DJ Goldilocks and DJ O$AP had the opportunity to sit down with one of the candidates campaigning for the Student’s Union Board of Directors, as well as for the Laurier Board of Governors. His name is Joseph Small and he is a second year Economics and Accounting major who wants to see real change come to Laurier, specifically in the communication between the Student’s Union and the student body.

The main take away from his campaign is his primary goal to increase efficiency in addressing the concerns of students and improve the system in which students are able to voice their opinions. Joseph believes he is the candidate to accomplish the necessary changes because he brings a unique perspective and has an action plan prepared to start guiding the Student’s Union in the right direction towards improving the flow of communication. After sitting down with several students Joseph realized that many students feel very disconnected from the Student’s Union despite their presence on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

As a result of these conversations his goal in pursuing this position has become to break down the overall feeling of exclusivity of the Student’s Union through the creation of a new social media platform. Ideally Joseph wants to create a website exclusive to the Laurier community where students are able to post anonymously, or with their student number attached if they so choose, any questions, comments, or concerns that they deme important or feel should be addressed by the Student’s Union. He also wants to increase the flow of information out to the students from the Student’s Union; for example, he would like to post the main discussion points from the board’s weekly meetings on this website so that students have the ability to voice their concerns and opinions on current issues and initiatives taking place. He believes this approach will help students feel more engaged with their school and increase student involvement in the Laurier community.

Joseph has a great deal of experience in financial roles, such as Finance Director in his House Council, a payroll clerk and a professional book keeper. He believes these positions have prepared him for the roles he is pursuing because they have allowed him to gain experience in fiscal management – how budgeting works and how to implement initiatives in a cost-efficient way. He believes these experiences have provided him with the skills and knowledge on compromising the desirable and what’s feasible.

If you’re interested in reading further on Joseph’s campaign, or the other candidate’s platforms, please click here to go to the Student’s Union page!

The Basement: Jan 22nd Recap – Topics, Playlist

Brothers, Tay Bennett (left) and Chance the Rapper (right)

Shows/The Basement

The Basement: Jan 22nd Recap – Topics, Playlist

Brothers, Tay Bennett (left) and Chance the Rapper (right)


On this week’s show, we started off our discussion segment exploring the women’s march in the USA and various forms of protests against Donald Trump officially starting his presidency term. In addition to the march, celebrities like Jaden Smith and Shia Labeouf employed creativity in their protests, kicking off a four year long anti-Trump live stream. These situations and the like brought us to discuss whether it was time for the world to accept Trump as president, or whether people should continuously protest and voice their discontent with America’s choice of leadership. We also discussed singer, Chrisette Michelle most notably known for her contribution to Drake’s hit, Pound Cake, and the backlashed she faced for singing at Trump’s inauguration. It brought about the discussion of selling out and ultimately we sought to determine if her performance at his inauguration was equal to her supporting Trump and what he stands for, or if her performance was merely her taking advantage of an opportunity presented to her.

We also talked about a study done last year to determine the effectiveness of male birth control. Injections were given to men containing a combination of synthetic testosterone and estrogen (progestin) to replicate the effects of birth control that millions of women currently take (read the full article on CNN here). While the injection were effective in their purpose, the study was terminated early because of unforeseen negative side effects. This led to a conversation about the onus of pregnancy in couples, the right to choose whether or not to be on birth control and the various methods of pseudo birth control methods that many young people rely on, such as the withdrawal method.

During our pop culture segment, we discussed the progression of the hiphop/rap community in regards to accepting openly gay or bisexual artists. Rapper Tay Bennett (Chance the Rapper’s little brother) and ILOVEMAKONNEN, both recently revealed their sexualities as bisexual and gay (respectively) to the world with seemingly little backlash. While on the surface it appears as if the urban music community and the populous in general have grown to be more accepting of different sexualities, there is still much ignorance and room for growth. After ILOVEMAKONNEN came out, many people reacted with a lack of surprise and had long been speculating his homosexuality due to his various pursuits into the world of fashion and his overall demeanour. We discussed how the assumption of one’s sexuality based on stereotypical understandings of masculinity and femininity should be avoided, whether accurate or inaccurate.

For the people/opinion segment, we explored the idea of open relationships. Often times, people enter open relationships without realizing what they’re getting themselves into which leads to messy and complicated situations with plenty of room for those involved to get hurt. We all agreed that in theory an open relationship may sound ideal for young people who still have much to figure out in life, but in execution it never translates smoothly. What’s most important is that people keep open lines of communication and express themselves honestly to ensure both parties are aware of each other’s expectations and act accordingly.

The Weeknd – Party Monster
Khalid – Location
Nao – So Good ft. Ak Paul
Skepta – Shutdown
ASAP Mob – Yamborghini High
Frank Ocean – You are Love

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CIA “The Sound” Jan. 22, 2017

Hello golden hawks, here is a recap of this weeks episode of the CIA Radio Show The Sound, brought to you by Radio Laurier.

This weeks show featured two Laurier composers, Drew Hewitt and a recent grad, Michael Paolucci.  We listened to three of Drew’s pieces, titled Chestnut Irises, The Nest I Used to Know, and Industrial Obama.  Drew is a fourth year composition student who plays the guitar and writes beautiful music.  Each of Drew’s pieces are inspired by different events that have taken place in his life, as you can hear them throughout his works.  Drew writes a large variety of genres, including electronic, piano and vocal pieces, as well as music for chamber ensembles.


Our second composer that was featured on the show was Michael Paolucci.  Michael is a recent graduate of WLU, and enjoys composing for film.  Michael has composed for a number of student films, and has studied with composers across North America.  He is a composer from Innisfil, Ontario, Canada, and enjoys making music because of all of the emotion that’s involved, both in writing, and listening. Whenever he writes a piece or a song, his goal is to make the listener feel something or take something away from the experience.  Today we listened to Michael’s grad piece that he wrote for wind orchestra titled “Eulogy for a Cloud”.  Eulogy for a Cloud is written in four continuous movements for full wind orchestra. The piece outlines the various cycles that clouds experience before evanescing and returning to another form and begin the cycle again. Each movement embodies a particular type of cloud. The first movement, Cirrus, focuses on the detached and wispy clouds. It is reflected in the piece by its ever shifting and pulsating nature. The second movement, Altocumulus, focuses on the layer of diffuse clouds that act as a sheet over the sky. This is represented by the omnipresent, climbing pulse throughout the movement, and the restriction of only two alternating chords. The third movement, Cumulonimbus, focuses on the creation of an imminent storm cloud. The slowly rising theme is augmented each time it is repeated through the orchestration in the brass, which reflects the growing power of an approaching storm cloud. The fourth and final movement of the piece, Cumulus, focuses on the dense white clouds that are interpreted as different shapes, animals, and objects. This is represented by moments of temporal fluidity and by the familiarity of themes returning. While listening to the piece, imagine watching clouds slowly pass in front of the sun as they become illuminated the by red glow for a brief moment before another cloud takes its place. Even though each passing cloud is only highlighted for a moment, it is within that moment that an experience is created. The brevity of an experience should never dictate its importance.  This piece was performed by the Wilfrid Laurier University Wind Orchestra in 2016 and was conducted by Jessica Kun.



WLU Symphony Orchestra

Friday, January 27th at 7pm

Theatre Auditorium

NUMUS Presents the MIX Series: Linsey Wellman
January 27, 20178:00pm
The Walper Hotel – Oak Room
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Young Composers Showcased
February 2, 20178:00pm
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